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Alien Worlds Found On Earth!!

Alien Worlds Magazine

Alien Worlds Magazine - Stuart Miller
(Release Date: February 8th 2008)

UK UFO researcher and writer Stuart Miller is no stranger to the UFO scene, having edited and published the ezine, “UFO Review,” which was a successful and popular look at the UFO phenomenon which began in early 2004 as a result of the closure of UFO Magazine, which at the time was the only remaining UK based publication that served the UFO community. While the UFO Review website has lay dormant for the last few months Stuart certainly hasn't and February 8th (2008) heralds the release of his new project, “Alien Worlds Magazine.”

Instead of a continuation of this earlier theme, “Alien Worlds Magazine” represents a progressive advancement on it, a natural evolution and Stuart points out that this new publication will involve a more encompassing look at the possibilities of/and the search for extraterrestrial life, saying that he wanted to expand on the concept of what he was doing with UFO Review and carry it forward. Alien Worlds Magazine is aiming to cater for people who have a genuine curiosity about the existence of extraterrestrial life, whether it be via flying saucers or through microscopic germs on another planet, or both, and who don't have degrees in science to help them through the academic texts, then these people are currently bereft. There is nothing for them in print that reflects these combined areas of interest, until now.

There's been a gaping hole in the market of UFO publications since the demise of, UFO Magazine and the tragic loss of Graham Birdsall, on which Stuart laments:

“Graham (Birdsall) had been a stalwart and advocate of the subject for many years both nationally and internationally, and his passing and the cessation of the magazine left a gaping hole, one that's never got close to being filled since.

Alien Worlds is not meant to be a replacement for UFO Magazine and as the editor, I wouldn't care for the comparison. Graham's philosophy and approach to the subject was different to mine and that is reflected in the disparate styles of the two magazines. You might observe as well that having published a successful ezine, it would have been natural, when going into print, to carry forward the goodwill that had been built up by using the UFO Review name.

I have chosen not to do so because that title does not reflect what I want this magazine to be. The subject of UFOs is fascinating and still very mysterious but it is a long way from being the end-all of the bigger picture. There is just as much chance that the solution to this enigma lays deep within the paranormal or the human psyche as much as on an extrasolar planet 50 light years away.

I wanted to acknowledge the shift in public interest and reflect it in a more modern and realistic approach. I wanted to go into print and I wanted to do it with a magazine that wasn't just about one strand of the subject. I wanted to embrace the whole area of extraterrestrial life and combine previously diverse subjects such as UFOs, SETI, and astrobiology all under one banner. And I wanted to make it accessible to everyone so that you didn't need to be a scientist to understand it.

The underlying point about my new publication is to look forward. That doesn't mean ignoring the past or never mentioning it - far from it. I'm still in love with UFOs and my personal interests stretch into all the areas of their possibilities, but my primary curiosity is about the search for, and discovery of, extraterrestrial life. I want to know about the company we keep in the Universe. I want to know who and where they are, and everything else I can about them. The significance of such a discovery will become unquestionably Mankind's greatest achievement and the pursuit of that discovery is what Alien Worlds magazine is about.

Barring unforeseen events, it is evident that any imminent progress in the search for extraterrestrial life is going to come first from space flight and astronomy. Alien Worlds will be taking a keen interest in those areas.

But UFOlogy cannot be ignored. Unlike the other specialities, it is much more people orientated and while there is a diversity of ideas and opinions in the other disciplines, they generally converge towards a central point. Not so with UFOlogy which is rich in disparity and utterly lacking in convergence. This provides an array of fascinating avenues to explore.

My goal has been to get the level and feel of the magazine to a point where I would buy it if I saw it sitting on a rack, and I don't buy magazines. I am very proud of the result. It represents a more progressive and current approach to the question of extraterrestrial life and brings together under one title a combination of subjects with, broadly speaking, a common goal. There is nothing else like it out there.

For those who share this wider perspective, you will find those principles reflected in Alien Worlds.”

Sincere and admirable motives indeed, not to mention an arduous task. The first issue will appear on UK retail sale on February 8th 2008 and will be available via a wide array of outlets. Among a number of other European countries also taking the magazine are Ireland , Greece , Poland , Sweden , Israel , Norway and Austria . Alien Worlds Magazine will be a bimonthly magazine and is available worldwide via subscription at You can buy a single issue or you can subscribe annually (six issues) at a reduced cost. (Visit here to order.)

In preparation for the launch, a new web site has been created to support the magazine which is located at It is still being developed but there you will find the identical (and excellent!!) news service that was previously located at UFO Review as well as a Blog, Forum, background information on the magazine, general articles of interest and sign up for the Alien Worlds Newsletter which will be published every other month in between issues of Alien Worlds and sent by email.

Alien Worlds Magazine

The first issue of Alien Worlds includes:

Flying Saucers and Science - An Overview
Stan Friedman – Guest article entitled "Flying Saucers and Science - An Overview." Stan explains and describes the background and circumstances that has led to him writing his new book, "My magnum opus", which will be published in June of 2008. (The article can be found on the front page of the website at

Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
Michael Michaud – A diplomat who has served at the highest levels of various American governments and keeps a discrete profile, in his book Contact with Alien Civilization, he reviews the historical perspective on alien life, the many ways we might encounter it, what would happen when we did and how we might be affected afterwards – we go through it all and more in this fascinating interview.

Roswell – The Controversy Continues
Nick Redfern - Nick updates us on what has occurred since Body Snatchers first came out and what new evidence has subsequently emerged, as the “alien event” theory gradually recedes into the Roswell tourist landscape and the focus on the reality of America's post war misdeeds continues to sharpen.

Mod v MoD
Nick Pope - The Condign Report, unveiled in 2006, is arguably the most significant UFO related document ever to emerge from within the British Ministry of Defence. Complied over a three year period by an unknown specialist, it was the last desperate throw of the dice by the MoD to finally get a hold on the UFO enigma that up till then had not been of any real interest, because, apparently, it didn't present a security threat. Or so they said.

Cryptoterrestrial Transhumanism
Mac Tonnies - One of the most original thinkers within the mystical and UFOlogical realms, Mac Tonnies gets verbally beaten up from time to time for daring to voice well constructed theories that fall outside the boundaries of accepted explanations for the unusual. That's what you get for thinking outside the box, an innovative and original theorist.

SETI – A British Perspective
Professor Ian Morison - Professor Ian Morison heads up Jodrell Bank, the UK 's primary radio telescope. In part 1 of this mesmerizing interview, he relates the accidental manner by which Jodrell Bank became involved with SETI, the criticism the SETI project attracts, the direction it might go in, occasional conflict with the military, and the perils of asteroid and comet impact.

Do They look Like Us?
Sheryl and Martin Gottschall - Reflections on how the physical shape of aliens has been portrayed in the public's mind and how the Human form may be common among intelligent species.

  • Dr. David Clarke – Affectionately retraces the early years and the bizarre things people got up to in their pursuit of The Truth.( Co-author with Andy Roberts of Flying Saucerers; A Social History of UFOlogy)
  • Professor Charles Cockell - Professor and Chair of Microbiology at the Open University in the UK.
  • Chris Rutkowski - Brian Vike, and the problems of collating UFO sighting statistics.
  • Dennis Balthaser – A new editorial in the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon section.
  • Isaac Koi - The Dogon Tribe and their alleged knowledge of the constellation learned through contact with ancient astronauts.

Plus Articles on: UFO Hoaxes, Ask an Astrobiologist, The Mars Phoenix Lander, Little Foot, competitions, cartoons, media and book reviews, news, etc. etc.

Personally I hope Alien Worlds Magazine will go on to be a successful publication as I've always enjoyed the earlier articles and musings of Stuart. I'm sure Alien Worlds Magazine won't disappoint and it promises to be a fascinating and illuminating read, why not head over to the website now and order your copy before its too late…..

About Alien Worlds
Launch date: February 8th. 2008
Pagination: 88, plus cover
Cover 170 gsm gloss laminate UV. Editorial 115 gsm gloss UV
UK retail price: £3.99
Size: A4 glossy, perfect bound
Publication frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN 1755-5280
Distributor: MMC, Ripley, Surrey
Publisher: Stuart Miller

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