Thursday, 10 January 2008

UK - UFOs in Tyneside now UFOs in Wearside!! (Jan 10th, 2008)

Typical isn't it, there's been no real reports of UFO activity in the North East for quite a while and now two separate local Newspapers decide to run a story about UFOs on the same day!!

The first one called, “North UFO Encounters" by the Journal and the title of the second article in the Gazette asks: “Why is Sunderland a UFO hotspot?”

I would have to ask: “What led to this opinion?” as truth be known the amount of UFOs reported in the Sunderland area could be described as minimal at best, and if you cast a critical eye over these reports the amount (that in my opinion) warrant further investigation are negligible to non-existent, especially over the last year with the most memorable one being dismissed as Venus within a couple of days.

Having said that I sort of understand where the writer (Mike Hallowell) is coming from and if I'm honest the article seems overly diluted but it would appear that this is a necessary evil in order to maintain the interest of the average reader. And it's certainly a nice change to see a local rag at least hinting at the origins and motivations of the UFO phenomenon rather than questioning the existence of it.

I commented several times towards the end of last year that the media in general is taking a less critical approach to UFO sightings and reports, whether this in itself is a conscious decision, a case of following the lead of others or perhaps a signifier of a more publicly tolerant media stance, who can tell?

Perhaps soon we will see a local newspaper entertaining the possibility that they are not extraterrestrial craft as we currently understand them. Perhaps that the phenomenon is a trans-dimensional one, or that UFOs are no more than a result of the collective, fractured human psyche, an involuntary projection of our primal fear or an externalization of these fears, one that is given structure, form and physicality by its respective beholders?

Hopefully these articles are an indicator if things to come, or it could just be a slow news week………….

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