Saturday, 26 January 2008

UFOCasebook Video Exclusive - Stephenville , Texas UFO Footage Jan 2008

Compelling Video of UFO from Texas

This video was taken in the vicinity of San Antonio , Texas . I cannot verify that it is connected to the recent sighting wave near Stephenville , Texas , but I can assert that it is not hoaxed in any way, and is quite compelling.

The video shows what appears to be a fairly large oval shaped UFO hovering, or barely moving behind a group of trees. The video is displayed at regular speed, and there have been no enhancements to the video. I received the film in the .dat format, and compressed it for Internet streaming. The first :35 contains still frame grabs, and then the film begins and plays in its entirety.

Anyone who is genuinely interested in downloading the original 12 megabyte .dat file for study, can do so by request.

Originally Published by UFO Casebook

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Max said...

uh.. so what is unusual about these???? Oval shape.. I don't see that! Compelling?.. why? So things move slowly (like ballons or helicopters) what is compelling about that?
Yawn... come on .. get a grip! QUIT enabling the hype.. it's destroying the truth! If we would all get a grip we might find it.