Saturday, 26 January 2008

Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings, UFO Sketches And UFO Video

New witness accounts of UFO sighting (Taken Saturday 19th Jan 2008) when Mufon began their investigations into the multiple witness UFO reports which occurred on 8th January 2008 in Stephenville, Texas.
More Stephenville, Texas UFO Clips, Witness Interviews

There were reportedly over 30 witnesses, 400 to 500 (depending on which account you read) members of the interested public and the press was represented by over 40 camera crews!!

Ricky Sorrells Stephenville, Texas UFO Witness

Ricky Sorrells, one of the original Texas UFO witnesses recently conducted an interview with LMH of Earthfiles and submitted a couple of sketches of his UFO sighting.

Ricky Sorrells UFO Sketch
Ricky Sorrells Stephenville, Texas UFO Sketch

Close-up of one of the many cone-shaped holes embedded into the surface of the aerial craft

that obliterated the sky above Ricky Sorrells on January 1, 2008, and above the woods on his Dublin, Texas, property where Ricky had gone to hunt deer. Drawing © 2008 by Ricky Sorrells for

Ricky Sorrells (2nd) Stephenville, Texas UFO Sketch
Ricky Sorrells (2nd) Stephenville, Texas UFO Sketch

Gregory W. created this illustration of the Texas UFO
CGI illustration of the Texas UFO (C2C)

CNN News, NBC Today News & ABC News report

CNN News Coverage, UFO News Reports,

Larry King Live & Anderson 360° Reports


... said...

There has been an interesting sighting in Israel as well. The article has a couple of good photos.

Strange lights were spotted in Israeli Sky

Our readers from the Center district and as far as Ashkelon in the South have noticed several bright trails in the sky. Witnesses reported that the "weird lights" were seen in the sky for more than 15 minutes.

gyre said...

Ive seen it too in hasharon area,
it was strange and after seing a show about it on the History channel I searched on this and surprisingly enough other people saw this too...