Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Out Of The Blue UFO Documentary delivered to Danish Parliament

Copenhagen , Denmark , January 09, 2008

With the recent NPC & Larry King shows still fresh in peoples minds, Exopolitics Denmark is striking while the iron is still hot and have just delivered a copy of, “Out Of The Blue – The Definitive Investigation Of The UFO Phenomenon” to every member of the Danish Parliament!!

Of course it’s the 5 Year Anniversary edition so the DVD contains updated material, including more military witnesses being interviewed regarding the famous Bentwaters case as well as Former Governor Fife Symington talking about his sighting and experience with the infamous Phoenix lights back in 1997. The, "Out of the Blue” documentary is now available in 16:9 format, Exopolitics Denmark has talked to producer James Fox and he's said to be pleased with the delivery.

James Fox and journalist Leslie Kean (of The Coalition For Freedom Of Information) made the headlines back on November 12th of last year (2007) former Arizona Governor Fife Symington moderated a distinguished panel of former high-ranking government, aviation and military officials from seven countries who discussed encounters with UFOs and official investigations.

Exopolitics Denmark 's mission is to lobby the Danish government to pressure other countries to declassify documents and to conduct high-level hearings about classified energy and propulsion systems and a possible extraterrestrial presence. The government employees who are prepared to testify should be given immunity from their security oaths.

(The Following Is From The Exopolitics Denmark Website)

Truth Amnesty Now!!


  • The release of advanced clean energy technologies would revolutionise the world's energy sector. It would eg. combat global warming by eliminating the need for fossil fuels.
  • The release of advanced propulsion technology would revolutionise the world's transport sector, especially the CO2 generating aviation industry.
  • The release of technologies would boost environmental development and economic growth in thrid world countries drastically. It would have the potential to create major shifts the world's geopolitical power structure. The latter - along with massive unpredictability - are considered to be some of the main reasons for the suspected classification.

  • Classifying information about an extraterrestrial presence would be a great crime against humanity and our democratic principles.

  • The existence of unacknowledged, rouge, and highly compartmentalised energy and propulsion research programmes - with no high-level government oversight - would be a great crime against humanity and our democratic principles.

Exopolitics Denmark issued a challenge at the bottom of the announcement on their site:

“Will any Danish politician dare to take on the really tough stuff?”

By distributing the UFO documentary Exoplitics Denmark is pre-empting their planned mission of lobbying the Danish government to declassify documents and conduct high-level hearings about classified energy, propulsion systems and also of a possible extraterrestrial presence.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months, and may well be an indicator of sorts as to whether similar pressure could be applied to other governments to release their UFO documents, publicly acknowledge the long misunderstood phenomenon and perhaps claim the UFO subject back from the media and inject it with some much needed credibility.

Source: Exopolitics Denmark

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