Sunday, 27 January 2008

Exclusive Australian UFO Triangle On Google Earth Explained (Again!!)

AXcess News – (Making Old News New!!)

Armando Duke of, “AXcess News” recently (Jan 2008) posted an article online claiming an, “Australian UFO Photo Exclusive!!”

Exclusive Australian UFO Triangle On Google Earth Explained

The Australian Google Earth UFO that they exclusively reveal has been doing the rounds on the internet for nearly a couple of years (that I know of). It seems that the story draws a somewhat tenuous link between the recent Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings and the Google Earth triangle, saying:

“An alert reader in Australia captured these photos of UFOs less than two weeks after the host of unidentified flying objects were seen over Texas - taken from Google Earth showing the UFOs in a triangle pattern.”

And that: “We're bringing you some exclusive photos of UFOs in Australia that were snapped off of Google Earth on Thursday.”

It seems that this is one of those stories that surface every couple of months, if you visit the co-ordinates on Google Earth you will see that the Google Earth community have the image flagged with several comments and have done for some time. While the image itself certainly appears a little strange the amount of time that it's been visible is obviously a direct indication of the fact that the object is in fact stationary which means that unless it's a crashed or landed UFO then it's not a UFO at all.

Exclusive Australian UFO Triangle On Google Earth

Here's a video of the triangle and another couple of Google Earth anomalies (which I believe to be used for aligning the composite images) that was uploaded over a year ago.

(Original Post)

As recently as 18 th December 2007, LMH of received an email relating to the triangle UFO on Google Earth, the sender actually lived in Australia and said he interpolated its position on to a map then set off to investigate:

“(Triangle is) in an area I was fairly familiar with. The astronomy group I am in goes near there for star gazing as there is no light pollution. I made a trip up to investigate the Google earth mystery on Saturday, December 15, 2007. I 'interpolated' its position onto a map and we drove up.

It is a large antenna and appears to be a component of the huge wind farm immediately adjacent to it. The wind farm supplies 80 megawatts of power for Perth and is remote-controlled from Perth Power Company that operates the wind farm. I think the very high antenna transmits sensor and instrumentation data as well as receiving the control signals from the Perth control centre. It is a very tall antenna with 3 sets of guy wires in a triangle formation.

The growth and bushes are most likely cleared out of the antenna area. (We couldn't get close enough to see the base because the roads were blocked with gates and it is rolling hills). The place is fenced and the gates are locked. There are no warning signs, no 'use of deadly force' signs, nor is there any 'keep out' signs.”

The locked gates are there to keep the vandals and curiosity seekers out.”

Unfortunately due to the unique subscription system in place at Earthfiles it seems that once News is archived it then only becomes viewable after taking out a paid subscription, luckily Google caches the pages so the email is still viewable by using this option (click here). (You have to scroll down for the entry for the 18th December).

And here you can see in this image, the sides of the triangle are approximately .6 miles in length.

Exclusive Australian UFO Triangle On Google Earth (Perth)

The co-ordinates are as follows:

Latitude: 30°30'38.22"S
Longitude: 115°22'55.49"E

Or enter, “30°30'38.22"S 115°22'55.49"E” into Google Earth and you'll be whisked straight to the triangle!!


andre said...

How can you tell with that photo? I saw nothing.

Flemgar360 said...

What i would like to know is.. why there were no more pitures taken. From this pic, antennas are the last things that come to mind.

somanath said...

why would someone even think its an UFO.. cud be anything on the crust of earth..
note: its 0.06 miles by the way..

Phoenix Psaltery said...

That's not .6 mile (~1 km), it's .06 miles which is about 316 feet, about the length of a US football field.

Michael said...

Hmm, I'm going with antenna mast on this one, the object at the center of the image is casting a shadow at approx 260 degrees, i.e., to the left and down a little, though without knowing the azimuth of the sun or date/time it's impossible to gauge the height of whatever is casting the shadow. I'm no sceptic, but I'm not a sucker either.

Also, I can't copy text (i.e., the map co-ords) from your site, which is slightly irritating.