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Download New (Jan 11th, 2008) MUFON CARET Issac UFO Drone Investigation (PDF)

Download New (Jan 11th, 2008) MUFON CARET Issac Drone Investigation (PDF)

Download MUFON Investigation Of Drone Photos & CARET.
(PDF Document - Click Text)

A recent email sent out by James Carrion (MUFONs International Director) invited people to download their ongoing Drone investigation in Power Point format:
(Download the complete 2007 Drone Sightings History here.....)

"MUFON s Special Team Operations-VERITAS (STOV Team) has conducted a special investigation of the Drone Photos and CARET Documents. Although our investigation is ongoing, a preliminary report has been posted to the MUFON web site at:"

To say it was a disappointment is something of an understatement!! I only hope that there's a great deal more to divulge, I honestly have more recent, pertinent and relevant Drone related data on my desktop than what was contained in the Power Point presentation, as will every other forum member who classes themselves as a, "Dronie!!"

Kris –Saladfingers- Avery and Marc D'Antonio are both quoted and voice their opinions that the Drone images are undoubtedly CGI which while still relevant is news that is older than the majority of the sightings and images!! The document then goes on to detail the Kecksburg UFO crash in great detail drawing an incredibly tenuous link between it and the Drones which for the most part has to do with a, “Two decades” statement that Isaac wrote………

The most informative pages has following information on it:

“More Questions than Answers

  • Why would the U.S. Government seek commercial applications for a technology that has national security implications?
  • Why does Isaac express worry about his personal safety but then jokes about an IRS audit if found out?
  • Why are all the photo witnesses anonymous and hide behind Internet email addresses?
  • Why were no other corroborating reports filed with MUFON or NUFORC on the dates of the photo sightings?”

CARET similarities to MJ-12

  • Initial release of documentation triggers further release of information by whistleblowers
  • Gatekeepers –
  • MJ-12 –William Moore
  • CARET –Coast to Coast
  • Reference is made in MJ-12 EBD to other appendix documents by title. Similarly, CARET documents reference a PACL-D0006 ‘PACL Extraction Procedure Guide'
  • MJ-12 confirms Alien Roswell
  • CARET confirms Alien Kecksburg?

Down the Rabbit Hole Again

  • Who's behind these photos and documents?
  • A lot of time and effort was spent to produce the documents for no obvious monetary gain?
  • The Indisputable Truth as MUFON knows it
  • Roswell happened
  • Kecksburg happened
  • Active campaigns to disinform researchers and the public surround both of these landmark UFO events.
  • What secret is really being hidden? Extraterrestrial Life? Secret weapon?
  • The search for the real truth goes on…

Kris Avery has also said in a post at OMF that he's:

“Speaking to the producer of UFO Hunters, and the international director of Mufon about them using some or all of the drone music vid in one of the episodes. I said that it is fine if they would like to. I think that would be pretty cool.

The program will be about reverse engineering, and more specifically the Isaac docs and the drone case. Could be pretty cool. I'll be interested to see what slant they take on it.”

Ahhh, it's all becoming a little clearer now, I wonder if this new release of old information is anything other than a well-timed marketing ploy? After all, there's no point making a UFO programme if there's nobody interested now is there? Still, probably just my suspicious mind……..

You're a little late and have some catching up to do but,
Welcome to the party boys…….

Edit to add: James Carrion has recently posted at OMF stating that the:

“Powerpoint presentation we have posted on the Internet was created expressly for briefing the stars of the show on what MUFON knew about DRONES/CARET. That also explains why there are fewer details/notes in the presentation as we had to keep it concise to fit their shooting timeframe. Our follow up MUFON Journal article will contain the details of our investigation.”

Perhaps there's hope yet.....

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Andrew said...

Well put! The MUFON folks really need to be brought up to speed on all the info concerning this case. They are far behind the 8-ball