Sunday, 2 December 2007

Triangle UFO filmed near Bakersfield, CA, (13th Nov 2007)

Trianglular UFO filmed near Bakersfield, CA on (13th Nov 2007)

"My girlfriend and I saw this UFO last night (11-13-07) while we were driving home from San Diego. We were driving up the 5 north. We saw it about 60 miles north of Bakersfield, CA and followed it for probably 30 miles. I shot about 3 or 4 minutes of pretty clear footage.

With our own eyes we could see the outline of the craft at times.

It had red lights most of the time, but sometimes they would all shut off. The second time that it flew directly at us and over us the lights turned to a white-light blue color. This is definitely not an airplane. It flew right over us twice, about 1,000 feet above our heads and made absolutely NO sound.

It just glided through the air. It shape-shifted and even expanded to the size of 4 football fields at one point. It flew side ways. At one point what looked like a comet flew out of it sideways. I didn't get that on video.

I've seen lots of shooting stars and they ALWAYS come from the sky. This one flew sideways slowly. Very strange. Pretty amazing. Near the end of the footage it looked like a triangle flying sideways. We are still in shock that we got to see this thing, watch it for so long, and get it on video! I think it is extraordinary."

Near the end of the footage it looked like a triangle flying sideways.

(Edit To Add) This video was originally a 3 minute YouTube clip, then the original (16 minutes) was made available by the person/s who filmed it. (© Also the two people involved have been visiting the ATS Forums and have participated in quite a lengthy dialogue, here’s part of ATS member BLACKburn’s final post,

“Either you believe our alien friends/foes are visiting us earthlings to check out something. Or you believe the government has secrets. Or you believe we wasted our time making a crappy hoax video. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone else believes. Do you want to know what my belief is? I had suspicions before, but after what I saw that night I KNOW there is more out there in this wonderful and beautiful big Universe we are part of. I just can’t wait for the day that everything is clear before everyone’s eyes and there are no more questions…until then…be kind to yourselves and each other.”

Source: ATS Forum Member, “


richelle said...

Did you file an official report?

M.N. said...

I’m sorry I should have been more specific, this is a video clip posted by someone else (i.e. © and the comments are hers, in my haste to post the clip I neglected to mention this and the oversight has now been rectified.

Many Thanks.

Mike said...

Pretty sweet, but it is a man made aircraft of some sort. Humans need to have blinking lights on tall objects and aircraft to identify them. There is no reason to believe that aliens use the same "concept" because their technology is far far far more advanced, so blinking lights are a little primitive.

Nice video, but this is definitely man made. Just another video of proof that there is more out there then we are brain washed to believe.