Thursday, 20 December 2007

Top Japanese government official says, “UFO's Exist!!” (or does he?)

Japans chief cabinet secretary Nobutaka Machimura was recently involved in a press conference (Tuesday 18th December 2007) which on the face of it, certainly appeared to echo the Kucinich UFO question/statement from a recent presidential debate.

Nobutaka Machimura

When I first read about this incident I was optimistically suspicious (although not necessarily in that order). The first headline I read was,

“Japan government spokesman says UFOs do exist” (Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:44am GMT) Source: Reuters UK.

“TOKYO (Reuters) - Yes, UFOs do exist, Japan's top government spokesman said on Tuesday…….The comment by chief cabinet secretary Nobutaka Machimura drew laughter from reporters at his regular briefing on government policy.”

But a little later the article alluded to another interpretation:

Machimura, asked about the government's view on UFOs at a regular press conference, told reporters that the government can only offer a stereotyped response. ‘Personally, I definitely believe they exist,' he said, apparently tongue in cheek. But the prime minister stuck to the official view.”

The story was already quickly propagating through the internet, not just the UFO Blogs as the next article I seen was in, "The Canadian Express"

"TOKYO - Japan 's top government spokesman says, perhaps a little tongue in cheek, that he believes in UFOs.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura made the remark while speaking to reporters today. Machimura was delivering the government's official response to an opposition legislator who is demanding an inquiry into what he says are ‘frequent reports of UFO sightings.'

Machimura quoted the government statement as saying birds and other objects are often spotted near aircraft. But he says there have been no confirmed sightings of unidentified flying objects from outer space. Still, "I definitely believe they exist," Machimura added as reporters erupted in laughter."

From this account it seems like Machimura was doing little more than working the press and the situation to his advantage, much like what Kucinich tried but only this time with seemingly better results as it is made to sound like the press were laughing with him rather than at him. It appears he stated the official line then as a crowd pleasing, throwaway comment he added his, “Belief” (and possibly a, “knowing wink”).

In the name of God(zilla)!!

In the name of God<zilla>!!And now (Thursday 20 th Dec 2007) Japanese Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba (triggered by the same question from oppositional lawmaker Ryuji Yamane), noted that in the classical Godzilla movies, Japan deployed its military against the monster.

“Few discussions have been made on what the legal grounds were for that,” the minister said, drawing laughter from reporters, according to an AFP report.

In an ideal world the news would have been reported on from the perspective that the important question was what led to this comedic interlude and was regarding the current official stance of Japans government, and their future intentions as a consequence of these, “Frequent UFO sightings”. That should be enough to warrant the stories inclusion in the world media, unfortunately it seems it needed yet another joke made at the expense of this already much maligned and misunderstood phenomenon before it was deemed newsworthy and/or, “Fit for public consumption”.

Oh well, perhaps one day…………..

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