Sunday, 16 December 2007

Thunderbolts of the Gods (Electrical Universe) Talbot & Thornhill

This may be deemed as being a little, “Off-topic” but I find myself considering the possibilities and theories raised by this video clip more and more. I came across this video a little while back and keep finding myself going back to it, learning a little about this rather unique hypothesis each time, and who knows with regards to UFO's and their origins, this may someday be deemed, “On-Topic”.

It's a whole new way of looking at how the Universe works, as well as attempting to explain similarities between these new theories to all ancient cultures and their Godesses, it's a rather unique, all encompassing, electrical and celestial hypothesis.


Thunderbolts of the Gods (David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill)

“Plasma is the fundamental state of matter”.

Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in science and human evolution. Watch this film and in an hour know more than most NASA scientists about the fundamental force that forms and sustains the universe.

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe".

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

Thunderbolts of the Gods

The Thunderbolts Project calls into question not only countless modern scientific assumptions, but also the billions of dollars of big-science government and corporate funding that continues to preserve and entrench questionable theories - elevating them to the status of doctrine - while systematically excluding legitimate alternatives that threaten the status-quo.

Alternatives that may represent the future of science.

The Thunderbolts Project offers remarkably simple explanations for 'black holes', 'dark matter', the electric sun, comets that are NOT made of ice, planetary scarring and many other 'mysterious' phenomena.

It proposes that much of the currently observable phenomena of deep space can be intelligently explained by already known principles of electricity. High school students get it immediately. A doctorate in higher math is not required.

This extraordinary new theory also redefines ancient history, linking rock art images carved in basalt 5,000 years ago with identical images found only in Hubble photographs of deep space or in photographs of recently declassified high-energy plasma discharge experiments generated in a billion dollar lab.

The Thunderbolts Project invites you to participate in this revolution, to test and even challenge its validity, or, if finding it rational and intriguing enough, to contribute to its expansion and further evolution.

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