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Mystery over UFO sighting - Wrexham (Dec 25th 2007)

"They were travelling quite fast, about 10-12 seconds apart and were revolving. They were travelling too fast to be aircraft and they were completely silent."

A FLINTSHIRE man is looking for answers after seeing five unexplained lights in the sky on Christmas Day. Harry Hughes, of Grays Road , Mynydd Isa, was returning some extra chairs to the shed after enjoying Christmas dinner with his family at about 7.20pm.

He said: "I looked up and saw what looked like five bright orangey-red fireballs flying through the sky, coming from the Bodfari direction."

"They were travelling quite fast, about 10-12 seconds apart and were revolving. They were travelling too fast to be aircraft and they were completely silent."

Harry called to his wife Pam to look at the strange objects before they disappeared and as she followed him out to the garden, they began to change direction.

"They had been travelling west, but then they began to change direction one by one and started heading north. They were travelling at a high speed when they began to go north and were slanting upwards…….My wife saw the last two and she looked at them through binoculars. The last one, which was bigger than all the rest, stopped momentarily then shot upwards, following the others north……..The police helicopter travelled past our house about 10 minutes later. If it had been a bit earlier, then I'm sure police would have noticed these objects."

Mr Hughes says the objects were like those captured on camera near Wrexham earlier this year: Harry's description of the mysterious fireballs matches that of Leigh and Lynn Williams, of Borras, Wrexham, who caught sight of several strange orange orbs in the sky in July, and he said he believed they were similar. The couple also managed to take a video of the strange sighting, which was posted on the Evening Leader website and was the subject of much public debate. Some posters, and UFO experts who spoke to the Leader, felt the incident merited further investigation, while others dismissed the sighting as being the result of Chinese lanterns.

Speaking at the time, Lynn said: "There were seven lights flying fast over the house. Two of them were flying round each other. They were flying very close together, closer than planes. They were going so fast we couldn't focus on them."

Leigh added: "There was no noise whatsoever. Surely if they were aircraft there would have been lots of noise. My wife was panicking. We just want to know what it was. When they went over it happened so quick. They moved very smoothly and were glowing

Harry said: "I have no idea what these lights were, but I am really glad that I have seen something like this and I am glad my wife is able to verify that they were totally unexplained. I'll be looking out for more over the next few days."I'm just sorry we weren't able to get a picture or a video of them, but there wasn't enough time."

Source: The Flintshire Standard (Online)

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

John Egerton

Sunday, 30 December 2007

UFOs are seen as a joke but it's almost an absolute certainty they exist.

The South Wales Echo recently ran a story (article below) with the headline, “UFOs are seen as a joke but it's almost an absolute certainty they exist” (Dec 29 2007). As the close of the year approaches it seems that the media are gradually becoming more and more tolerant towards the entire UFO phenomenon.

Of course you'll always have caustic, abrasive comments from news anchors like CNN's Nicole Lapin who when referring to respected former pilots, military personnel and even a former governor recently said:

“When you think of people saying: ‘Oh, Hey, I saw a UFO,' you kinda think of freaks. I'm not gonna lie.”

I hope not Nicole as CNN has previously been such a bastion of truth and well balanced reporting……

On a more worrying note (according to the CNN website), Lapin is currently serving as an ambassador for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, where she hosts a campaign called "Being Smart is Cool.”

But apart from the occasional snide comment it's still been an interesting year watching as the media ridicule of the subject was strangely blunted and stories seemed to point towards a somewhat reluctant acceptance of the fact that UFO's exist, or the media at least appeared open to, and acknowledge this possibility, which in itself is a considerable improvement.

Anyway, on closer examination of the article in the South Wales Echo it appears that the eye-catching and brazen headline, “UFOs are seen as a joke but it's almost an absolute certainty they exist” is no more than a quote from, “UFO investigator Mr Coggins, 67, of Pontypridd, <who> hypnotises people who have seen UFOs and then experienced periods of missing time.”

And then immediately following Mr Coggins' statement and closing the article is an, “Old faithful” MoD quote, “We believe that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena, could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose.”


“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values”

Marshall McLuhan

UFOs are seen as a joke but it's almost an absolute certainty they exist.

Dec 29 2007 ( South Wales Echo)

Sightings of unidentified flying objects have soared in the last month, with at least two a week seen by airline pilots in South Wales . Dancing lights, large craft and mysterious flashes are among dozens of UFOs sighted above Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys in the last few years.

And only four days ago, on the night of Christmas Day, a couple saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home in the capital. According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, the Ministry of Defence has looked into 13 reports of UFOs in South Wales in the past three years. Several other sightings have been posted on UFO websites but it is thought that many more go unreported.

David Coggins has been a UFO investigator for 30 years and says there has been a spate of sightings in recent months. He said:

“There have been lots of reports by airline pilots flying in and out of South Wales who are seeing a lot of unidentified craft on a frequent basis, one or two a week…..Generally speaking, they are large triangular shaped objects. It's not just during the night but in daylight as well…..I've come across people who have seen UFOs very close up, from a distance of 12 feet.”

Just three weeks ago, Martin Dupres and two friends had a close encounter when they saw a strange light in the sky in Lisvane at 5pm on Tuesday, December 11. Martin, 43, of Riverside , Cardiff , said:

“I saw an extremely bright light come straight across the sky. Then it faded out but it might have sped up…..It wasn't a satellite or an aeroplane. This thing was not like that. The light shone towards my eyes then carried on. I'm curious, I've never seen anything like it before.”

There was another sighting of a UFO at 4am on September 9 in St Mellons, Cardiff . The witness saw an incredibly bright star but it suddenly started moving up and down and side to side swiftly and then flashing lights appeared around it like cameras. One account comes from a Cardiff man left shaken after he saw three lights dancing around each other before flying away in April 2006.

“I saw something that I never believed I would. I saw what at first I thought was a plane, until it changed direction at such an acute angle. At this point it was by two more lights – they were very blurry, orange in colour. They danced around each other and then moved off……..I don't make silly claims. Quite frankly this has shaken me considerably.”

UFO investigator Mr Coggins, 67, of Pontypridd, hypnotises people who have seen UFOs and then experienced periods of missing time. Mr Coggins, who is featured in the alien encounter book Does It Rain In Other Dimensions, said:

“Strange as it may seem, people who had seen a UFO close up have ended up on the crafts and while they've been on, strange things happen to them such as medical examinations……….They don't remember until they are hypnotised. One man in South Wales had lost one-and-a-half days. He recounted what had happened under hypnosis and when I played him back the tape, he broke down in tears and said ‘did that happen to me?'. It's impossible not to believe in it……..UFOs are seen as a joke but it's almost an absolute certainty they exist and are visiting this earth on a regular basis.”

The MoD examines UFO reports to establish whether what was seen has any defence significance. A spokeswoman said: “We believe that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena, could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose.

Source: South Wales Echo

Monday, 24 December 2007

MoD Confirms Release of UFO Reports (Dec 2007)

(UK) UFO Researchers Secure Release Of MoD UFO Documentation. Very recently (21st Dec 2007) Joe McGonagle of announced that:

“Following sustained pressure by a small number of UFO researchers during the last 8 years, the British Ministry of Defence have decided to release all of their UFO files. (For the full details of the planned release, visit:


Gary Anthony, Dave Clarke, and Joe McGonagle have been making full use of the Freedom of Information Act and its precursor, the Code of Practice on access to Government information. At considerable personal expense, effort, and investment of time the three of us have submitted a steady stream of requests. As well as making requests ourselves, we actively encouraged and assisted other ufologists to make their own requests.”

Anybody who is interested in UFOlogy, especially as it relates to the UK and to the “Official” stance of the government owe these researchers at the very least a word of thanks as even anyone who's unaware of the previous achievements of this small but dedicated group will undoubtedly be aware of the many documents that they have been instrumental in obtaining the release of. As far back as 2001, Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts discovered the existence and much more importantly secured the release of documents relating directly to the sensationally named, “Flying Saucer Working Party”. Some of these documents were retained for a further six years before Dave Clarke finally secured release of the sections which were earlier withheld under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act. (8th February 2007).

And there's also, “Project Condign” Britain 's Secret UFO Study which was the first ever document obtained under the FoIA with a, “SECRET” classification. The researchers meticulous gathering and analysis of documents first identified the existence of the, “Condign report” in 2005 and then promptly secured its release in 2006. A release of information which Dave Clarke doggedly pursued and upon appeal forced the further release of details which were previously claimed too sensitive. Rather than highlight all of their remarkable achievements, I suggest that you visit (and bookmark!!) their main/updates page which has full details and all relevant links to these and many other FOIA requests. ( updates page).

This recent revelation is the culmination of many years work some of which dates back to 2003 while actively pursuing the release of information via FoIA requests they discovered that DI55 (the Defence Intelligence Branch charged with the investigation of UFO reports) were considering physically destroying millions of pages of files due to asbestos contamination, some of which were specifically created by DI55 in relation to UFO reports. These were just a small percentage of the files which were earmarked for destruction, however all of the files combined covered a diverse and eclectic array of topics which they argued were representative of a key period of military and political history and as such it would be a travesty to simply destroy and ultimately erase these records in their entirety.

Rather than simply sit back and await a decision regarding the demise of these files, they instead launched a campaign enlisting support from MP's, academics, the media, the UFO community and raised awareness among the general public. After rethinking their position the MoD subsequently initiated a costly (estimated at around 3 million pounds!!) project of digitally scanning, archiving and collating the files prior to their destruction. The researchers ensured the progress of this project was closely monitored and periodic updates were requested and granted from the Departmental Records Officer at the MoD, thus ensuring that the details of the project were firmly kept in the public domain.

The scanning stage of the contaminated UFO files was completed early 2007 and as the website states:

“This prompted a dialogue within the MoD as to the future release of files. Due to the volume of requests about UFOs received by Defence Intelligence, they discussed the viability of a staged, wholesale release, and concluded in April 2007 that this was the preferred way forward. This encouraged the Directorate of Air Space (DAS, the MoD agency charged with filtering reports before passing those thought to be of defence interest to other MoD branches including DI55) to make a similar evaluation and they have now also reached a decision for a staged release of all of their UFO records.”

The following is from a document obtained under a FoIA request and that was originally dated March 2007. An internal letter which discusses the full release of the documents and leaves no doubt as to the significance of the role the researchers (especially Dave Clarke) played, which was instrumental in this unprecedented release of all MoD UFO documents:

“I agree absolutely that we cannot sustain the current level of FOI requests. I have spoken to (name removed) - the AD in my area that is the only one left in DIST who knows anything. He feels strongly that the campaign is being led by one man and the cumulative resource implications of what he has been asking for is considerable. We expect this to continue.”

The story has since filtered through the tabloids, I was a little disappointed to see that the UK 's Daily Telegraph (online version) chose to extensively quote Nick Pope with absolutely no mention of Dave Clarke and the other researchers at I have no doubt that this omission will subsequently be perpetuated throughout the internet on News websites, Blogs, forums etc.

So when you read further articles or postings regarding this imminent disclosure, or when the release of these documents is finally realised, I urge you not to forget the efforts of Dave Clarke et al. Whose efforts are directly responsible for this landmark event, the results of their collective efforts should stand as irrefutable testimony to the enormity of what can be achieved with perseverance, dedication and determination.

In fact, why not visit their website at and thank them right now?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Top Japanese government official says, “UFO's Exist!!” (or does he?)

Japans chief cabinet secretary Nobutaka Machimura was recently involved in a press conference (Tuesday 18th December 2007) which on the face of it, certainly appeared to echo the Kucinich UFO question/statement from a recent presidential debate.

Nobutaka Machimura

When I first read about this incident I was optimistically suspicious (although not necessarily in that order). The first headline I read was,

“Japan government spokesman says UFOs do exist” (Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:44am GMT) Source: Reuters UK.

“TOKYO (Reuters) - Yes, UFOs do exist, Japan's top government spokesman said on Tuesday…….The comment by chief cabinet secretary Nobutaka Machimura drew laughter from reporters at his regular briefing on government policy.”

But a little later the article alluded to another interpretation:

Machimura, asked about the government's view on UFOs at a regular press conference, told reporters that the government can only offer a stereotyped response. ‘Personally, I definitely believe they exist,' he said, apparently tongue in cheek. But the prime minister stuck to the official view.”

The story was already quickly propagating through the internet, not just the UFO Blogs as the next article I seen was in, "The Canadian Express"

"TOKYO - Japan 's top government spokesman says, perhaps a little tongue in cheek, that he believes in UFOs.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura made the remark while speaking to reporters today. Machimura was delivering the government's official response to an opposition legislator who is demanding an inquiry into what he says are ‘frequent reports of UFO sightings.'

Machimura quoted the government statement as saying birds and other objects are often spotted near aircraft. But he says there have been no confirmed sightings of unidentified flying objects from outer space. Still, "I definitely believe they exist," Machimura added as reporters erupted in laughter."

From this account it seems like Machimura was doing little more than working the press and the situation to his advantage, much like what Kucinich tried but only this time with seemingly better results as it is made to sound like the press were laughing with him rather than at him. It appears he stated the official line then as a crowd pleasing, throwaway comment he added his, “Belief” (and possibly a, “knowing wink”).

In the name of God(zilla)!!

In the name of God<zilla>!!And now (Thursday 20 th Dec 2007) Japanese Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba (triggered by the same question from oppositional lawmaker Ryuji Yamane), noted that in the classical Godzilla movies, Japan deployed its military against the monster.

“Few discussions have been made on what the legal grounds were for that,” the minister said, drawing laughter from reporters, according to an AFP report.

In an ideal world the news would have been reported on from the perspective that the important question was what led to this comedic interlude and was regarding the current official stance of Japans government, and their future intentions as a consequence of these, “Frequent UFO sightings”. That should be enough to warrant the stories inclusion in the world media, unfortunately it seems it needed yet another joke made at the expense of this already much maligned and misunderstood phenomenon before it was deemed newsworthy and/or, “Fit for public consumption”.

Oh well, perhaps one day…………..

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Thunderbolts of the Gods (Electrical Universe) Talbot & Thornhill

This may be deemed as being a little, “Off-topic” but I find myself considering the possibilities and theories raised by this video clip more and more. I came across this video a little while back and keep finding myself going back to it, learning a little about this rather unique hypothesis each time, and who knows with regards to UFO's and their origins, this may someday be deemed, “On-Topic”.

It's a whole new way of looking at how the Universe works, as well as attempting to explain similarities between these new theories to all ancient cultures and their Godesses, it's a rather unique, all encompassing, electrical and celestial hypothesis.


Thunderbolts of the Gods (David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill)

“Plasma is the fundamental state of matter”.

Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in science and human evolution. Watch this film and in an hour know more than most NASA scientists about the fundamental force that forms and sustains the universe.

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe".

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

Thunderbolts of the Gods

The Thunderbolts Project calls into question not only countless modern scientific assumptions, but also the billions of dollars of big-science government and corporate funding that continues to preserve and entrench questionable theories - elevating them to the status of doctrine - while systematically excluding legitimate alternatives that threaten the status-quo.

Alternatives that may represent the future of science.

The Thunderbolts Project offers remarkably simple explanations for 'black holes', 'dark matter', the electric sun, comets that are NOT made of ice, planetary scarring and many other 'mysterious' phenomena.

It proposes that much of the currently observable phenomena of deep space can be intelligently explained by already known principles of electricity. High school students get it immediately. A doctorate in higher math is not required.

This extraordinary new theory also redefines ancient history, linking rock art images carved in basalt 5,000 years ago with identical images found only in Hubble photographs of deep space or in photographs of recently declassified high-energy plasma discharge experiments generated in a billion dollar lab.

The Thunderbolts Project invites you to participate in this revolution, to test and even challenge its validity, or, if finding it rational and intriguing enough, to contribute to its expansion and further evolution.

Visit: to:

  • Purchase the DVD and\or Thunderbolts Of The Gods 'monograph' (book)
  • View higher resolution sequences from the film (with stereo sound),
  • Subscribe to a free newsletter that will keep you up to date on the latest discoveries in space and a revolutionary new interpretation of them.

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UFO Video – Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego California (Oct 23 2007)

Uploaded - October 25 , 2007

"October 23 2007 quallcomm stadium, san diego CA. we were sitting in the parking lot around 2 in the morning and we see a huge blue green laser shoot across the sky followed by an orange tail leaving a trail of smoke. about a minute later we were looking in the sky at that same spot and we saw a big thing that looked like a star blinking so i got my camera and zoomed in and this is what i the way this is unedited footage "

Source, “Elessos

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Costa Rica UFO - Teletica Channel 7 - (Nov 20th, 2007)

A recently captured UFO video has appeared on YouTube, courtesy of Teletica Channel 7 of Costa Rica and analysis by Ana Luisa Cid.

(Translated Text) In a town near San Jose , capital of Costa Rica , Mr. Marvin Badilla achieved a very interesting video, a possible ovni Disk seems that turning on the spot and make changes in a matter of seconds.

The witness, construction worker, describes the size of the object was a little higher than a tractor tire. The sighting occurred last Tuesday, November 20 at 3:49 evening, when he was sanding wood outdoors. He added that he was accompanied by a colleague from work, Mr. William Rivera, who warned of what he was watching. But he did not hear his appeal because the noise drill wearing at that time was prevented from doing so.

Costa Rica UFO November 20th 2007

I received the video for analysis of the investigator Richard Sandi and authorization to disseminate I was given by the reporter Luis Carlos Monge and the co-director of Telenoticias, Pilar Cisneros, whom I thank for their kindness and confidence in my work. Luis Carlos Monge prepared the report of this case for Telenoticias, which was transmitted in three editions stellar. This story has been widely accepted, the public made numerous telephone calls to recount similar experiences.


  • Recorded with a Motorola cellular phone, format 3GP.
  • It lasts from 15:06 seconds.
  • Presents a cut when 3:19, when applied zoom, which can be normal in some models of mobile phones when using the approach. This information should be verified with a phone identical to the witness.
  • The object appears to rotate reflecting sunlight.
  • Remains Static and then changes its position leaning to the left and right in fraction of seconds, showing other aspects such as: Top View, side and bottom, respectively.

Sequence frames

  • After the object is moving at high speed and Mr. After the object is moving at high speed and Mr. Badilla it loses sight of, according to his testimony.
  • During the movements above the recording is continuous, ie without cuts, although a few moments the likely ovni outside box on the screen, perhaps because the movement pulse.
  • In reviewing sweeps takes perceive that the object also sweeps, which might indicate that he was actually in the environment.

Rapprochement and solarization

  • Regarding the audio, it should be noted that the copy I received no counsel appeared, so I asked the reporter Monge about this, what he answered me quote: "If you have only to be listening very low. Is heard the boy screaming William, William…. You hear the boy screaming William, William…. sound AND drill.
  • He said, “The object did not issue any sound."

OSCAR SIERRA: The accepted ufólogo of Costa Rica, Oscar Sierra, thinks that the object is some sort of probe research, unmanned (because it is relatively small in size). He will deepen this investigation and we share their work.

Costa Rica UFO November 20th 2007

PERSONAL OPINION (Analysis of the video by Ana Luisa Cid-YouTube)

  • After reviewing the video several times, in slow motion and frame by frame, I think that there is a genuine and material while it is true that at present can be created "UFO" in the computer, it is also true that many people around the world have reported and documented this type of device.
  • He strikes me as an honest man and I think likely to have experienced a sighting.
  • External my opinion as a preliminary and need to know that the investigations into the ufólogos of Costa Rica . They surely would have a more qualified under that may interview witnesses and assist the place to do field work.
  • I recommend that we are vigilant in following up this case through news reports and Teletica Oscar Sierra.

Note : The video will be broadcast in first for Mexico on Friday December 7 at 7 o'clock in the evening. The video will be broadcast in first for Mexico on Friday December 7 at 7 o'clock in the evening. On this issue I will have as a special guest to the prominent actor Carlos Espejel. On this issue I will have as a special guest to the prominent actor Carlos Espejel.

Costa Rica UFO November 20th 2007


Whitley Strieber Revives, “Drone UFO Flap?”

Whitley Strieber recently authorized the following email to be sent to his “Unknown Country” subscribers list (6th December 2007) and it was emailed on his behalf.


This morning at 4:53 AM, Whitley Strieber saw a drone over Santa Monica , California . The Striebers are in California seeing friends, and Whitley has sent me the following email, with permission to publish it. He will write a journal entry about his experience that will be posted on Saturday, December 8.

And remember, there are a lot of people out there lying about the drones and trying to debunk them. But these people ignore ONE THING: Linda's interviews with credible eyewitnesses. Do not be deceived about this.

This was in his email:

“Well, in one sense the drones mystery is solved because at 4:53 this morning, I saw one.

I had an extremely restless night, full of complex and astounding dreams that I will record in a journal on my website. They also involved my book the Key and the crop circles, and have led me to a very clear understanding that there is a new level of consciousness available to us now. The dreams lasted from about 3:00 to the moment I woke up and saw the thing outside, which was at exactly 4:53. (I know the times because I sent one of my agents an email at 2:47 about a business matter, then went to bed and was shortly asleep. When I saw the drone, I was looking across the bedroom toward the window, with my wife's lighted clock just visible below the window.)

I woke up lying on my side, and saw the thing moving just below and in the bottom edge of the clouds. It was stormy. The object was enormous, and from where I was lying it must have been no more than a few hundred feet overhead. It appeared almost level with the line of the roof that is visible outside my window. It was moving toward our building at a stately pace, gliding easily, like a dirigible. I had the impression that it was quite large, but obviously, no way to tell for sure. Because of the clouds, I did not see the characteristic tall antennae on it, but I did see structure that looked a lot like what the bicyclists photographed. I immediately woke Anne up and went to the window. But we could not see it from the window.

I looked for a while, trying to see if I could spot some edge of it in the clouds. It had not been moving fast at all, so there was reason to believe it was still there. Not seeing it, I went to the dresser and got my cellphone, which has a camera in it, and put it beside the bed. I then lay down and turned over to the same position I had been in when I first saw it--and there the thing was again, clearly visible just below the cloud cover. Now it was much closer to the house. When I moved my head to get up again, I could no longer see it. When I returned to the original angle, I could see it again. This time, it was gliding west, toward the ocean, only its lower structure visible in the clouds. I opened the cellphone, in an attempt to take a picture of it from that angle, but by then it had passed beyond the edge of the window. I saw nothing more of it, but there is no question in my mind at all but that they are real.”


At the time of writing this (Sunday 9th December) his journal has still to be updated and still shows the last entry to be the 27th November. Whitley Strieber has always said he can't prove (and as such didn't know) that the Drones were real and that perhaps the lessons learned from the full experience are more important than the nuts and bolts physical reality of the craft.

Well that all seems to have changed with this latest revelation, the first line of Whitley's recent email states:

“Well, in one sense the Drones mystery is solved because at 4:53 this morning, I saw one.”

And the last line of the email reaffirms this by stating that:

“There is no question in my mind at all but that they <the Drones> are real.”

There really is so little information to be gleamed from this brief correspondence that's partly why I've held off posting anything about it, but since Whitley's self-imposed deadline of the 8th December has come and gone with no sign of him updating his personal journal I thought it prudent to mention it.

Personally I do have great difficulties in believing that the entire account is simply nothing more than a fabrication, and I'm interested to see which path Whitley is planning on taking, hopefully it's not just the path that leads to his bank…..

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Alleged UFO Crash 1974: Andean mountains of Peru - Humanoid Alien (YouTube)

A YouTube user named, “stevenng2020” recently uploaded 4 short videos (Oct 2007) that purports to show a deceased alien.

Comment with video says, “In January of 1974 an unidentified flying object (UFO) fell in the Andean mountains of Peru. The Military authorities denied what had happened, but some people were there before them and took something very valuable.....a HUMANOID (Alien). What you gonna see here is the dead Alien body that was keep over 33 years.”

Personally, I don’t think the user did himself any favours by teasing the footage out into four parts and duplicating information at the start of each clip, anyway here’s all four clips back-to-back.

Pendulum - Drum ‘n' Bass ‘n' UFO's

Pendulum - Drum ‘n' Bass ‘n' UFO's

Pendulum - Drum ‘n' Bass ‘n' UFO's Pendulum formed in their home-town of Perth ( Western Australia ) in 2002 (which incidentally isn't very far from the now fabled Google Triangular UFO). Previously members activities ranged from producing drum & bass, breakbeat and hardcore, to playing in metal and punk bands.

On the 26 th November (2007) they released the single, “Granite” which went into the UK charts at #29, which is a rarity for a Drum & Bass track, the video for Granite comprises of a selection of manufactured UFO Clips and fake News reports of what appears to be an impending Global takeover!!

Well I thought it warranted a mention……….

Pendulum - Official Website, Wiki Page, MySpace Page

Friday, 7 December 2007

Aircraft Pilots Prone To Spatial Disorientation Illusions!!

J. Allen Hynek, the pro-UFO astronomer who pioneered the UFO Classification system, wrote in his book, “The Hynek UFO Report” that, “Commercial and military pilots appear to make relatively poor witnesses.”

That certainly seems to go against the grain as reports from pilots are often held in a much higher regard than of an average person. One has to look no further than the recent NPC with commercial and military pilots from many countries giving their testimonies to various UFO sightings and encounters which they had personally experienced.

After watching the recent Press Conference and reading all of the witness testimonies, I'm firmly of the belief that Pilots make considerably better witnesses to aerial phenomenon than the average man on the street. But the following article certainly provides food for thought regarding Pilots and their subsequent UFO sightings.


Pilots' “Out-of-body experiences” responsible for more than a quarter of fatal air crashes!!

Some pilots will suffer the illusion that they are sitting on the wing of their aircraft watching themselves in the cockpit, according to an extraordinary official report released in Australia . Every pilot will at some stage lose all sense of direction, height and speed, drawing attention to spatial disorientation (SD) – one of the most common factors in plane crashes, according to a report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Aviation medicine specialist Dr David Newman said 90 to 100% of pilots experienced SD, which have been linked to between 15 and 26 per cent of fatal crashes worldwide. Dr Newman drew attention to the illusion suffered by some pilots who gained the impression of sitting on the wing looking at themselves flying the aircraft, but there were other dangerous misconceptions including a feeling that the plane was falling when it was merely slowing down.

Pilots should be aware they will experience spatial disorientation (SD), says an aviation expert. Another effect of SD was a false sensation of the aircraft rolling and another illusion suggesting the plane was flying straight ahead when it was actually turning. Drawing attention to the "sitting on the wing" illusion, Dr Newman added:

"The knife-edge illusion gives the pilot a sensation that the aircraft is precariously positioned in space and extremely sensitive to control inputs."

Pilots Prone To Spatial Disorientation Illusion

But he also referred to what he called the, "Giant hand illusion" which gives the pilot the sensation that the aircraft is, "Intolerable of control inputs and seemingly immovable in the air, as if held aloft by a giant hand."

The illusions, he said, often occurred when pilots were not busy while flying the plane. Victim of SD: The plane John F Kennedy Jr piloted crashed into the Atlantic Ocean

"While seemingly bizarre, these illusions are generally associated with high altitude flight where the pilot has a relatively low level workload……Under such 'fish bowl' conditions, the brain can wander and generate these strange illusions."

Dr Newman's report said pilots should be aware they will experience SD sooner or later:

"If a pilot flies long enough as a career or even a hobby there is almost no chance that he or she will escape experiencing at least one episode of SD."

"Looked at another way, pilots can be considered to be in one of two groups: those who have been disorientated and those who will be……The specialist said he issued the warning so that pilots could take measures to reduce the impact of SD by flying when fit. They should not fly under the influence of alcohol or medications, which increase awareness of spatial disorientation illusions.”

Source: Daily Mail (Richard Shears)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Lights In The Sky Reported, Teignmouth, Devon (3rd Dec 2007)


Spooky lights spotted over Teignmouth have freaked out some locals.

There were dozens of reports about the strange, whitish-coloured shapes moving up and down the estuary early on Monday evening. Was it extra terrestrials, or did the objects in the sky have a simpler, down-to-earth explanation such as lasers?

Teignmouth UFO Report
Teignmouth (Google Maps)

So far it remains a mystery, but one woman who witnessed the display from her window high up on a hill, told the Herald Express:

"It was beautiful, and a little scary at the same time….The white lights changes shaped, moved very fast and would suddenly disappear, only to return a few minutes later……I don't believe in UFOs or flying saucers, but this was very strange, and made me feel a little bit uneasy……I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason behind it, and I hope somebody will be able to explain it all."

Teignmouth UFO Report
Teignmouth (Google Maps)

Well-known Teignmouth councillor Fred Tooley was among the many residents who witnessed the display between about 6pm and 7pm.

Councillor Fred Tooley said:

"There were patterns of white lights, like blobs, but changing shape, that swept up and down the river between the Ness and Shaldon Bridge……I was mesmerised, and lots of other people have told me they saw it all as well…I don't think the shapes were that high in the sky, and they appeared to be bouncing off low cloud over the estuary…..To me it resembled the flocks of starlings that swoop around in huge numbers, making patterns at roosting time…..But this was definitely not birds, and it was really weird. Your imagination does run riot when you see something like this, and I hope your readers can tell me what it was…..Hopefully it wasn't the prelude to an invasion of Teignmouth by ETs.”

The weird apparitions were also sighted over Stokeinteignhead, and one theory is that they may have been created by the reflections of a laser display in the Torquay area. But nobody really knows. Neither the police nor coastguards had any reports of strange lights over the resort.

Source: The Herald Express

Sunday, 2 December 2007

General Wilfried de Brouwer - Belgium Black Triangle UFO Flap

There have been a few documented reports of previous, “Black Triangle UFO” sightings, possibly the most famous spate being the Belgium UFO Flap of the early 90's. Well, it actually started in November 1989, and in December 1989, the Royal Belgian Air Force (RBAF) was contacted by hundreds of panicked citizens reporting a triangular craft with a light at each corner.

This resulted in collaboration between the Belgian Air Force, the Belgian Police Force and local UFO research groups, and the RBAF agreeing to try and intercept any subsequent triangular craft that invaded Belgian air space.

Original Image (15th June 1990, Wallonia, Belgium)
Black Triangle UFO 15th June 1990, Wallonia, Belgium

Enhanced (animated) image. (15th June 1990, Wallonia, Belgium)
Enhanced Black Triangle UFO 15th June 1990, Wallonia, Belgium

It is known that on at least two occasions the RBAF scrambled two F-16's to attempt the, “Intercept.” But the 2,000 km/h craft were evidently too slow as upon their arrival the triangular craft were no-where to be seen.

This caused the Belgian Air Ministry to assemble an entire squadron of F-16's ready to be scrambled once a UFO sighting had been confirmed by RADAR. On the 30th March 1990 at around 11pm a witness called in a sighting, reporting a triangular UFO with lights on its corners. This was confirmed by the Belgian Police and by ground-based RADAR bases. One of these bases was NATO controlled near the city of Glons , southeast of Brussels . After contacting other radar facilities, they learned that at least four other stations were also reporting the object on their screens. The object was moving across their screens slowly, and failed to send a transponder signal to identify itself.

Immediately the RBAF scrambled two F-16s and from a distance of 12km they managed to get a "lock on" to the UFO only for the UFO to, "Shrug it off.” Over the next few minutes that the encounter continued, they locked on anoher six or so times, one of these times the UFO was reportedly locked on by no less than three F-16's!!

The pilots were considered to be among NATO's best and NO KNOWN aircraft is capable of avoiding an F-16 missile lock of more than two <F-16's> never mind three missile locks.

Original Image (4th April, 1990, Petit Rechain, Belgium)
Original Black Triangle UFO 4th April, 1990, Petit Rechain, Belgium

Enhanced (animated) image. (4th April, 1990, Petit Rechain, Belgium)
Enhanced Black Triangle UFO 4th April, 1990, Petit Rechain, Belgium

The experienced fighter pilots were stunned by acceleration of the UFO, which included 280 km/h to 1800 km/h in less than a second while descending from an altitude of 3 km to 1.7 km, and then coming to a dead stop. These unbelievable manoeuvres were confirmed as RADAR showed the craft drop from 10,000 to 500 feet in no less than 5 seconds!!

The triangular UFO finally dropped to just 200 metres above the suburbs of Brussels before disappearing from the RADAR screen completely.

Here's some rare video clips of the Black Triangle UFO's caught in flight.

General Wilfried de Brouwer
General Wilfried de Brouwer, Belgium UFO Flap
22 June 1990 at press conference regarding the Belgian UFO flap

Wilfried De Brouwer is a retired Major General of the Belgian Air Force and was Chief Operations in the Air Staff when the Belgian UFO Wave hit. He was recently part of the National Press Conference where pilots of different nationalities all gave testimonies of their personal experiences with UFO's (while piloting aircraft.)

To watch video clips, news reports, or just for more information on this event, visit, “International Pilot Testimonies” & “Larry King – Are UFO's For Real” & "Watch NPC Pilot UFO Conference Video" & “Is Full UFO Disclosure Beckoning?

Here is the testimony of Wilfried De Brouwer that he gave at the recent National Press Conference:

Wilfried De Brouwer

My name is Wilfried De Brouwer. I am a retired Major General of the Belgian Air Force and I was Chief Operations in the Air Staff when an exceptional UFO wave took place over Belgium . Indeed, during the evening of 29 November 1989, in a small area in Eastern Belgium , approximately 140 UFO sightings were reported. Hundreds of people saw a majestic triangular craft with a span of approximately 120 feet, powerful beaming spot lights, moving very slowly without making any significant noise but, in several cases, accelerating to very high speeds.

The following days and months, many more sightings would follow. The UFO wave would last more than one year during which a Belgian UFO organization conducted more than 650 investigations and recorded more than 400 hours of audio witness reports. On one occasion, a photograph revealed the triangular shape and four light beams of the object.

Belgium had no official focal point for reporting UFO observations. Nevertheless, in my function of Chief Operations, I was confronted with numerous questions about the origin and nature of these craft. In the first instance, and in consultation with other NATO partners, I could confirm that no flights of stealth aircraft or any other experimental aircraft took place in the airspace of Belgium . In addition, the Civil Aviation Authorities confirmed that no flight plans had been introduced. This implied that the reported object(s) committed an infraction against the existing aviation rules.

The Belgian Air Force tried to identify the alleged intruder(s) and, on three occasions, launched F-16 aircraft.

On one occasion, two F-16 registered rapid changes in speed and altitude which were well outside of the performance envelope of existing aircraft. Nevertheless, the pilots could not establish visual contact and the investigation revealed that specific weather conditions may have caused electromagnetic interferences and false returns on the radar screens. The technical evidence was insufficient to conclude that abnormal air activities took place during that evening.

In short, the Belgian UFO wave was exceptional and the Air Force could not identify the nature, origin and intentions of the reported phenomena.

Click Here For All Witness Testimonies.

And here's a summarised report of the Belgian 1990 UFO flap, signed by Wilfried De Brouwer.

Summary of the official report by the Belgian Air Force

(Regarding the UFO events of March, 1990)

1. Starting early Dec 89 the BAF has been contacted on several occasions by eyewitnesses who observed strange phenomena in the Belgian airspace. On some occasions they described the phenomena as a triangle-shaped platform up to 200 feet wide with 3 downward beaming projectors, hovering at +- 100 m above the ground and making only a very light humming noise. Some witnesses saw the object departing at very high speed after a very fast acceleration. All observations were made in the evening or during the night.

2. The radar stations which had been alerted by eyewitnesses could not definitely determine a correlation between the visual observations and their detection on radar. On two occasions the BAF scrambled 2 F16 during the evening hours.

a. On the first occasion the F16 arrived +- 1 hour after the visual detection. Nothing was observed.

b. On the second occasion, pilots could identify a laser-beam projector on the ground. After investigation it appeared however that the description of the observations totally differed from previously described phenomena.

3. Consequently the Belgian Airforce, anxious to identify the origin of the phenomena, authorised F16 scrambles if following conditions were met:

a. Visual observations on the ground confirmed by the local police.

b. Detection on radar.


4. On 30 Mar 1990 at 23.00 Hr the Master Controller (MC) of the Air Defense radar station of Glons received a phone call from a person who declared to observe three independent blinking lights in the sky, changing colours, with a much higher intensity than the lights of the stars and forming a triangle. Meteo conditions were clear sky, no clouds, light wind and a minor temperature inversion at 3000 Ft.

5. The MC in turn notified the police of WAVRE which confirmed the sighting at +- 23 30 Hr. Meanwhile the MC had identified a radar contact at about 8 NM North of the ground observation. The contact moved slowely to the West at a speed of =- 25kts and an altitude of 10.000 Ft.

6. The ground observers reported 3 additional light spots which moved gradually, with irregular speeds, towards the first set of lights and forming a second triangle.

7. At 23.50 a second radar station, situated at +- 100 NM from the first, confirmed an identical contact at the same place of the radar contact of Glons.

8. At 00.05 2 F16 were scrambled from BEAUVECHAIN airbase and guided towards the radar contacts. A total of 9 interception attempts have been made. At 6 occasions the pilots could establish a lock-on with their air interception radar. Lock-on distances varied between 5 and 8 NM. On all occasions targets varied speed and altitude very quickly and break-locks occurred after 10 to 60 seconds. Speeds varied between 150 and 1010 kts. At 3 occasions both F16 registered simultaneous lock-ons with the same parameters. The 2 F16 were flying +- 2 NM apart. No visual contact could be established by either of the F16 pilots.

9. The F16 flew 3 times through the observation field of the ground observers. At the third passage the ground observers notified a change in the behavior of the light spots. The most luminous started to blink very intensively while the other disappeared. Consequently, the most luminous spot started to dim gradually.

10. Meanwhile the head of the police of WAVRE had alerted 4 other police stations in the area. All four, separated +- 10 NM from each other, confirmed the visual observations.

11. The aircraft landed at 01.10 Hrs. The last visual observation was recorded at +- 01.30 Hrs.


12. The Belgian Air Force was unable to identify neither the nature nor the origin of the phenomena. However, it had sufficient elements to exclude following assumptions:

a. Balloons. Impossible due to the highly variable speeds (confirmed visually and by radar).

b. ULM . Same as for balloons.

c. RPV. Impossible due to the hovering characteristics.

d. Aircraft (including Stealth). Same as for RPV. No noise.

e. Laser projections or Mirages. Unlikely due to lack of projection surface (no clouds). Light spots have been observed from different locations. Light spots moved over distance of more than 15 NM. Form of inlighted part of spots has been observed with spectacles. Laser projections or mirages can not be detected by radar.


Click Here For The Full Report.

Triangle UFO filmed near Bakersfield, CA, (13th Nov 2007)

Trianglular UFO filmed near Bakersfield, CA on (13th Nov 2007)

"My girlfriend and I saw this UFO last night (11-13-07) while we were driving home from San Diego. We were driving up the 5 north. We saw it about 60 miles north of Bakersfield, CA and followed it for probably 30 miles. I shot about 3 or 4 minutes of pretty clear footage.

With our own eyes we could see the outline of the craft at times.

It had red lights most of the time, but sometimes they would all shut off. The second time that it flew directly at us and over us the lights turned to a white-light blue color. This is definitely not an airplane. It flew right over us twice, about 1,000 feet above our heads and made absolutely NO sound.

It just glided through the air. It shape-shifted and even expanded to the size of 4 football fields at one point. It flew side ways. At one point what looked like a comet flew out of it sideways. I didn't get that on video.

I've seen lots of shooting stars and they ALWAYS come from the sky. This one flew sideways slowly. Very strange. Pretty amazing. Near the end of the footage it looked like a triangle flying sideways. We are still in shock that we got to see this thing, watch it for so long, and get it on video! I think it is extraordinary."

Near the end of the footage it looked like a triangle flying sideways.

(Edit To Add) This video was originally a 3 minute YouTube clip, then the original (16 minutes) was made available by the person/s who filmed it. (© Also the two people involved have been visiting the ATS Forums and have participated in quite a lengthy dialogue, here’s part of ATS member BLACKburn’s final post,

“Either you believe our alien friends/foes are visiting us earthlings to check out something. Or you believe the government has secrets. Or you believe we wasted our time making a crappy hoax video. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone else believes. Do you want to know what my belief is? I had suspicions before, but after what I saw that night I KNOW there is more out there in this wonderful and beautiful big Universe we are part of. I just can’t wait for the day that everything is clear before everyone’s eyes and there are no more questions…until then…be kind to yourselves and each other.”

Source: ATS Forum Member, “

Black Triangle UFO, Halesowen, UK (Nov 28th, 2007)

Black Triangle UFO, Halesowen, UK (Nov 28th, 2007)

Dorito Shaped UFO seen in skies.

A UFO, described by witnesses as looking like a huge “Dorito” crisp has been filmed over the skies of the Black Country, according to a paranormal group. A flurry of calls has been made to Stourbridge-based UFO Research Midlands (UFORM) from those claiming to have witnessed the flying object in the sky. Witnesses say they spotted it in Halesowen heading towards Stourbridge on Wednesday at around 7pm.

UFORM is now appealing for anyone else who saw it to get in touch to help it compile its X-files. Steve Poole, UFORM chairman, said one man filmed more than 30 seconds of footage of the craft travelling in a westerly direction from Halesowen to Stourbridge, saying:

“The object has been described as looking like a huge Dorito and had distinctive red lights on its underside, which moved position while the craft was flying.”

Another witness reported seeing it while looking out from the Lickey Hills towards the Sutton area of Birmingham . The witness says he watched the UFO through binoculars as it moved “very quickly” across the skyline. Two other independent collaborators came forward within hours of the sighting, according to UFORM.

UFORM operates a 24-hour hotline for the public to report UFO incidents. Steve Poole said:

“This could turn out to be a pretty substantial sighting, especially given that one of the witnesses has filmed the event. We would like to hear from anyone else who may have seen this object. They can remain anonymous if they like.”

UFORM was set up in 1995 by Steve Poole to coincide with the massive increase in UFO sightings in the West Midlands . Now with dozens of members, the group holds monthly meetings in Stourbridge with internationally renowned guest speakers, hosts sky-watches and acts as the leading research organisation in the area for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon.

Readers have been calling in their droves to tell us they saw the huge “Dorito” UFO in the skies over the Black Country . The orange triangle with its three lights was seen over Wednesfield and Dudley by scores of people who phoned the newspaper after an appeal for information. A flurry of calls was made to Stourbridge based UFO Research Midlands, UFORM, from those claiming to have witnessed an unexplained aircraft in the sky.

Here's why a Black Triangle UFO could be described as a Dorito!!

Using the Belgian, "Petit Rechain" Black Triangle image.

The flying object was spotted over Halesowen heading towards Stourbridge on Wednesday at around 7pm. Katherine Hemmings, aged 13, of Beechwood Avenue, saw it at 4pm over Wednesfield High School in Lichfield Road. She was walking home with friends Tasmin Jones and Chelsea Smith when the three felt compelled to turn around:

“It was weird because it wasn't making any noise but for some reason we turned around…….We all saw this big thing with lights in the sky.......We didn't tell anyone other than our families at first because we thought everyone would laugh at us. Our families didn't know what to think until they saw it in the paper. I have never really believed something like that would be real. I always just thought people who say they have seen a UFO are seeing aeroplanes or birds.”

Pat Scotford and her husband Mick saw the UFO when they were in their garden in Devon Road , Wollaston at around 7.30pm.

Mrs Scotford, aged 61, said she too saw three orange lights in the sky:

“It looked like it was heading towards Kinver…..At first I thought it was three planes flying in formation but the lights were far too close together. I'm sure we're not alone in the universe.”

Steve Poole, chairman of UFORM, said one man filmed over 30 seconds of footage of the craft and Lisa Timmins, aged 38, saw the object while at her boyfriend's house in Whitgreave Avenue, Bushbury, some time between 6.15pm and 6.40pm. She said:

“I haven't got a clue what it was, but it was quite big.”

Did you see the UFO? Have you taken any photographs or video footage? Contact the Express & Star newsdesk on 01902 319410. Source: Express & Star

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New Mexico Tempts Tourists With (Reptilian?!) Alien Promise

New Mexico Tempts Tourists With (Reptilian?!) Alien Promise

New Mexico – The Best Place In The Universe!!

A recent television advert has upset critics who say the (state-financed) advert is a possible threat to the $5.1 billion tourism industry. Rather than attempting to highlight some of the more positive points of the centuries old culture the advert instead depicts, “Alien” office workers discussing their personal lives. The advert also carries the tagline, “The Best Place In The Universe.

New Mexico – The Best Place In The Universe!!

Critics say the reptilians may be more apt to baffle or frighten away a tourist than reel one in.

So far, the TV ads have aired in San Diego and Minneapolis , two cities with relatively affluent populations and direct-access flights to New Mexico . Print ads have run in magazines in the West and Midwest .

Personally, taking into consideration the current climate regarding UFO's, I thought it was quite a well timed marketing campaign.

(More Information @ AOL News – Alien Themed Ads Cause Uproar)