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UFO Photographed, Tepexpan, Mexico (November 26th 2007)

UFO, Tepexpan, Mexico (November 26th 2007)

A luminous, multicoloured object was recorded by Mr. Victor Gabriel Gonzalez over the town of Tepexpan , Mexico .

The sighting took place on November 26, 2007 at 11:30 a.m.

UFO, Tepexpan , Mexico (November 26 th 2007)

The witness says that he was outside his workshop engaged in car repairs when he saw a flash in the sky toward the west. He realized that the glow came from a static object in the sky, so it gave him time to get his Sony 108 Mini-DVD camera ready (Sony 108 mini DVD optical zoom x40 and digital 200x.)

Victor Gonzalez says, “ When I started recording, the UFO began to move slowly. It flew over the electric lines and then remained static at another point toward the east. It was at that time that I switched camera modes to take some photos.

For that reason I have both video and photos.

I stopped seeing the object because it literally dissolved into the sky, becoming weaker, although it returned to the same place half and hour later. It should be noted that I had already seen it and videotaped on earlier occasions, but the best images I've taken are the ones from today. (Saturday - 5:30pm & last Monday 1:30pm)

I found out that there was a strong tremor in Mexico City , and without saying that there's a connection between both events, they would appear to coincide

Victor estimates that the sighting lasted approximately 10 minutes.

UFO, Tepexpan , Mexico (November 26 th 2007)

Three images were submitted to MUFON on the 26th November with the following text:

“Working out of my shop and saw the object and took several pictures plus video. - (trabajaba y afuera de mi taller vi el objeto y le tome varias fotos y video)”

Original Images:

Sources: & MUFON Submission 8488

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