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Sunderland Echo - 14 November 2007 - UFO spotted over Sunderland - VIDEO

Did space invaders come to Sunderland?

(I happened across this recent article, and as it's my neck of the woods......)

Mum-of-four, Neala Fenton, was pacing the floor in the early hours rocking her baby son back to sleep when she looked out the window and spotted a strange light overhead in the night sky. The 26-year-old grabbed her mobile phone and managed to capture 10 minutes of video footage of the UFO with shining blue and pink lights.

Neala said she had been woken by her five-month-old son, Brandon, shortly before 5am on Monday. The New Herrington housewife said: "I had given him a bottle and was just walking about getting him back to sleep when I looked out of the window and saw this really bright light.

"I wondered what it was and got my phone so I could zoom up on it…….It was like nothing I have ever seen. It was bouncing around and there were different coloured bright lights coming from it."

Neala, who is also mum to Charlotte, seven, Ashleigh, two, and 18-month-old Sarah, said the object was not a plane of any description because it wasn't flying anywhere. She said: "At first it looked like it was just still, but afterwards it was sort of bouncing around, but mostly in the same place. It was in the sky, but not too high up, not as high as a plane would fly."

Neala, who lives in Railway Terrace, said she tried to wake husband Eddie, 25, to take a look, but he said it would be nothing and went back to sleep. She said: "My husband used to be a soldier so I thought he might know what it was. When he got up later I showed him the footage and he couldn't believe it. He said it wasn't a satellite and he hadn't seen anything like it before."

Neala said in the past she has always been sceptical of people saying they had seen UFOs, but she really can't find any explanation for what she saw.

Did you see the object? Or have you seen something else in the skies over Sunderland? Use the comment box below to let us know...

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Here's a screen capture of the video, just as two lights appear on the object.

Here's the image with the circular section brightened up a little, and next to it is the same image zoomed in after being brightened.

(The video suffers from a very high compression resulting in a poor quality of image, if a higher resolution image is obtained the results will be posted here.)

Original Source: Sunderland Echo

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