Wednesday, 14 November 2007

International Pilot Witness Testimonies to UFO's (CNN Coverage Of NPC Press Conference)

Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN
NPC Press Conference
International Pilot Witness Testimonies to UFO's
(Close Encounters – UFO Files)

Follow up to Larry King Live, Fife Symington interview as well as interviews with the speakers (pilot UFO witnesses) and footage from the conference with a short head to head between James Fox, director of award winning UFO documentary, “Out Of The Blue” and resident skeptic James McGaha (Astronomer) both of whom featured on the Larry King Live UFO special.

Personally I believe McGaha lacks any conviction in what he's saying, much as he did on the recent Larry King Live show, he displays nothing of the calibre previously witnessed when Michael Shermer appeared on an earlier Larry King show back in July of this year (2007). But I'm not complaining as from what I seen, McGaha's sweeping statements and criticisms which ultimately were levelled at the recollections and subsequent statements of the witnesses (rather than at the evidence) only added credibility to the entire UFO witnesses testimony.

“If you can't attack the evidence, attack the witness?”

James McGaha is an amateur astronomer and a consultant to the professional skepetic group CISCOP. McGaha was also consulted for the massive disappointment that was the Peter Jennings UFO special, McGaha states that:

"UFOlogy is a mythology that is based on superstition wrapped inside a fairy tale."

I’m not a fan of Michael Shermer but he definitely made me want to throw something at the screen, but when watching McGaha I feel a little sorry for him not least of all as he seems to lose track of what he’s saying mid-sentence.

However, any empathy I feel is quickly turned into disdain when I remember his performance on ABC’s, “Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs -- Seeing Is Believing.” Have a look at this short clip as McGaha at least seems convinced of what he's saying, compare that to The Larry King Live Show and his performance is somewhat lacklustre.

McGaha - Skeptical of himself?

Apparently McGaha doesn't bother himself with things as trivial as evidence and very rarely (if ever) justifies his position on any of his dubious counter claims, generally relying on his favourite excuse of previously being an Air Force pilot which he generally uses as a direct rebuttal when pushed to elaborate further on his evidently unfounded and tainted speculations/explanations.

CNN - NPC Press Conference On Pilot UFO Reports
And this clip is a short CNN report On The Recent NPC UFO Press Conference, which again focuses on the international pilot witness testimonies to personal sightings of UFO's.
Anderson Cooper - CNN - UFO Press Conference


Lizz said...

You can buy the DVD of Peter Jennings' "UFOs: Seeing is Believing" at

WdB said...

Having flown tactical fighter aircraft during more than 20 years, I feel insulted when hearing that pilots would not be trained to observe. One of the first objectives of courses such as Top Gun and Aggressors was to teach pilots how to identify other aircraft and judge the performance envelope of the opponents.
Mr McGaha, please get your act together.