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Greer Disillusioned With Free Press As The Disclosure Project Is Censored!! Censors The Disclosure Project!!

Dr Steven M. Greer writes on his most recent mailing that:

“Note: The two paragraphs referring to Laurence Rockefeller and to Bill and Hillary Clinton had to be removed from this press release when we sent it out through our press release service -, because they refused to send out the original press release with those references. It was referred up the chain of command at their organization and censored by them. When you think that we have a free press, think again. This was not even censored by the outlets themselves, but by the entry point to those outlets!!”

Here’s the release as it was intended to be seen:


Disclosure Project ( Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power - and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

Recent calls for a US government investigation into UFOs have not taken into account the fact that such investigations are on-going, highly compartmented and top-secret.

Dr. Greer states, "As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woolsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access. The senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, then headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me directly that upwards of $100 billion per year was going into so-called 'black' projects, including UFO programs, but that with a top-secret clearance and a subpoena power, he could not penetrate the veil of secrecy."

Subsequently, working with philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Greer provided in-depth briefing materials for President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who reviewed the matter while staying at the Rockefeller's JY Ranch. (The briefing materials are at

Dr. Greer reports that "The Clintons refused further disclosure of the matter. CIA Director Woolsey frankly stated that they could not disclose programs over which they had no control or access. Mr. Woolsey and the Clintons were shaken by the secrecy, and the power behind it."

Since then, The Disclosure Project has uncovered thousands of official US documents and top-secret military and corporate witnesses to programs dealing with UFOs, including project code names and numbers. Such operations are rogue and are beyond the scope of Congressional oversight committees.

For further information or for an interview with Dr. Greer contact:"

And an earlier mailing from Greer regarding the Clinton’s library, “Peek Into UFO Files” stated:

“FYI and clarification: The Project Starlight Coalition referred to in this AP report was The Disclosure Project in the early days; it was named by our point of contact who set up my briefing for CIA Director R. James Woolsey on December 13, 1993, and was operational around the time of Bill and Hillary Clinton's visit to Laurence Rockefeller's JY Ranch to review the data base and briefing materials we had helped assemble. Mr. Rockefeller confirmed to me that both Bill and Hillary were present for the meeting and review of materials, and another close friend of the Clintons who I know personally has also confirmed this. Subsequently, a close friend of Mr. Clinton's visited me at our home and said Clinton would not pursue the matter out of fears that " he would end up like Jack Kennedy..."

It remains to be seen what, if anything, Mrs. Clinton will do about the subject should she become President.

Steven M. Greer MD
The Disclosure Project


nesbittplac7 said...

I think they did exactly what any news service would have done, which was remove such.

Greer's statement is his own but he cannot involve others in a press release without them verifying such first. When the topic is crucial even AP and Reuter's will investigate but since Greer's statement involves fringe, they wouldn't have investigated such claims.

If he had maybe used the word 'alleged' or similar, then it may have flown 'as is', but it's their job (all news wires) to make sure that all news organizations such as television, radio, online newspapers, etc. get it in a truthful manner. Consequently, if they have to remove a paragraph that keeps it from 'possibly' being 100% truthful, then that's what they have to do. At least they ran it because they didn't even have to do that.

I'm sure that is their policy, just as it is the policy of Associated Press and Reuters. PRNewswire is not as infamous as Reuters or Associated Press certainly but, can you imagine if Reuters and AP started sending out everything they receive in the manner that they do receive it. We would be living in a more conspiracy riddled world that we are already. As well, there would be a lot of unnecessary gossip that people would have to defend that is not the truth. That sounds like a big headache.

We live by the facts of the news wire services and I'm sure the word "oops" is not allowed in their vocabulary. We see newspapers, television stations and similar fabricate and sensationalize all the time. The wire services never do such. They simply deliver to those facets of media and then it is up to the media to deliver it accordingly.

Both Reuters and AP have strong guidelines on how newspaper or television news channel are allowed to deliver their message. It's word for word and rarely ever is the title changed into something new and different.

In other words, I believe that Greer has blown this out of proportion.

The only thing about Greer's latest email (press release) that I see is this. Recently Greer has lost his limelight. Greer sees that his glory he once had has been transferred to others who have been getting all of what should be 'his' attention lately (he thinks) with the two National Press Conferences and the more recent Larry King Live. Did you notice that Greer or the infamous 400 were never mentioned in any of the three events. I don't question why, I think we all know why.

Greer has been lagging and now he's trying to play catch up any which way he can because shy of those two emails this week, we haven't heard 'jack' from him over the many months. More importantly, and I believe was Greer's downfall was because he decided to hook up with Michael Salas, which was a tremendous boo boo on his part. Michael Salas has no clout and instead sits too deep in Exo-politics fringe. I don't think that they get any kookier then exo-politics so what in the heck did Greer expect?

Thomas J Mattingly said...


A true purpose behind the private, non-government censorship of Steven’s remarks may be that the controllers of PRNewsWire may be Clinton supporters who do not want Hillary to be asked any questions about either UFOs or ETs in the Las Vegas debate (i.e., petty politics, pure & dirty). PRNewsWire may or may not agree with Dr. Steven Greer & the Disclosure Project. Who knows?

If Steven Greer had referred the censors at PRNewsWire to or to today’s Libby Copeland article in the Washington Post (at about Grant Cameron, Laurence Rockefeller’s initiative, and Bill & Hillary Clinton, then this may have been sufficient to document Steven’s claims about Hillary & Bill for the PRNewsWire censors. Who knows?

PRNewsWire is a site for releasing Press Releases from For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations. PRNewsWire claims to be “the world leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information directly from companies, institutions and agencies to the media, financial community and consumers.” PRNewsWire offers no verification to be “the world leader.”

PRNewsWire makes no claim to be an objective “news” wire service in the (in)famous class with Reuters, AP & UPI. However, since PRNewsWire is a private, non-government corporation, we should not expect any First Amendment rights with PRNewsWire.

If nesbittplac7 wants to offer educated remarks about Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Michael Salla, the least that nesbittplac7 can do is to spell Michael’s name correctly (i.e., “Salla” – not “Salas”). Whether nesbittplac7 is fully familiar with Michael’s name (or his writings), nesbittplac7 is certainly entitled to his opinion.

Now: MY opinion is that some in favor of ‘Disclosure’ are too quick to state or imply that probable or possible MAN-MADE ‘UFOs’ are definitive proof for the existence of ‘ETs.’ O’Really? Scientific proof for existence of ‘UFOs’ may rank with scientific proof about whether or not the earth is still flat (It is, isn’t it?).

Nevertheless, proving the existence of UFOs does NOT prove OR disprove the existence of ETs. See comments to the disingenuous Washington Post article at Is this true? Since Steven may disagree with this, would his refusal to publish this assertion at prove that this assertion is true?

Steven Greer’s assertions about the economic liberation of planet earth by harnessing the energy sources of “UFOs” are nevertheless true – regardless of the possibly-multiple sources of UFO energy technologies. With cheap energy technologies, we live in a world of abundance – with sufficient resources for everyone.

nesbittplac7 said...

Thomas: It was simply a typo and yes, being a contactee I am more than familiar with his (Salla's) work and a member of his Yahoo group even though it's been a bit of a stomach turner more recently.

I want disclosure more than most, which is why I feel that Greer should have been kicking in the doors all of these years. Instead, he just sat there with his 400 and whined. They could have youtubed the world to death with something new and very professional but instead we keep getting this repeat performance of the same ole thing.

Suddenly people are coming out of the woodwork with the likes of Greer and I only sense that he's taken back by it because he wasn't invited to the party. He still has time to kick in those doors - that is if he moves on it expediently because a fair amount of those 400 are getting up in their years.

I have my doubts about UFO energy technologies for one simple reason. If Greer was real privy to such technology he would be throwing names and government entities around in order to call attention to himself. Instead, I sense he’s gone all in and he’s holding a 7-2 off-suit in his hand.

Wow, how profound - videos flying every which way with even more of Greer’s witnesses that didn't make it to the first round of videos. How about just one new video? Instead, he just sits there mulling over the past.

My lack of emails from Disclosure Updates is my proof that he's been sitting on his hands. Suddenly I get four emails in three days when I haven't seen even one in well over six months and all four coincidentally land just days after the two National Press Conferences and Larry King Live.

I do not find your PRNewsWire comment to be that accurate. When the word conspiracy comes to my mind, which it did as I read your "Clinton supporters" comment, I shy away from such. Conspiracy theories seem to come with the territory and consequently are detrimental to the cause.

Lastly, and more importantly, he (nesbittplac7) is not a he but rather a she.

Thomas J Mattingly said...

... ... ...

nesbittplac7 et al:

Your remarks about what Dr. Steven Greer could have done remind me of Charlie Brown’s old aphorism: “The heaviest burden is a great potential.” Most ‘Disclosure’ activists would agree –- especially Greer (since only Steven may know just how important he is).

Greer & others don’t claim to know UFO energy tech secrets. Supposedly, the truth is still out there. It is NOT. Based in part on first-hand knowledge, I say: Oil-replacement energy tech is known to the G8+ elite; motivates oil-price-increasing conflicts in OPEC nations (e.g., Iraq & Iran); and also motivated “UFO = ET” as an original, quasi-unquestioned PsyOp prime-myth that almost all either accept or ridicule. O’Really?

All UFO-type energy tech and all UFOs do NOT originate with ETs. Many if not most (or more) UFOs are MAN-MADE (and/or woman-made) –- originally Tesla tech. Both ‘Disclosure’ activists and the media perpetuate the prime directive (or miss-directive): "Only ETs could originate all UFOs." O’Really? Good PsyOp!

Hegelian bickering-&-squabbling is an intentionally-fomented, cover-up-perpetuating, divide-&-conquer PsyOp. Is it working? Vote with your money & attention – not with bad-mouthing. Good-mouthing is better. If you can't good-mouth the one you want, then good-mouth the one you're with.

“Conspiracy Theory” is a PsyOp phrase invented to cover-up JFK assassination truth. “Conspiracy” is only two or more people talking to each other before they act. “Theory” is only a hypothesis. Some conspiracy theories are not true. Some conspiracy theories are true. Now: “Conspiracy Theory” is a derogatory phrase used to STOP you from thinking about evidence, non-truth, and truth -- before you think. Now: Think!

Is it politically correct to think truth –- even if two or more others conspired theoretically to not think truth before you did? Knot!

The truth is out there. O’Really? Think! The truth is in you.
... ... ...