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UFO Photographed, Tepexpan, Mexico (November 26th 2007)

UFO, Tepexpan, Mexico (November 26th 2007)

A luminous, multicoloured object was recorded by Mr. Victor Gabriel Gonzalez over the town of Tepexpan , Mexico .

The sighting took place on November 26, 2007 at 11:30 a.m.

UFO, Tepexpan , Mexico (November 26 th 2007)

The witness says that he was outside his workshop engaged in car repairs when he saw a flash in the sky toward the west. He realized that the glow came from a static object in the sky, so it gave him time to get his Sony 108 Mini-DVD camera ready (Sony 108 mini DVD optical zoom x40 and digital 200x.)

Victor Gonzalez says, “ When I started recording, the UFO began to move slowly. It flew over the electric lines and then remained static at another point toward the east. It was at that time that I switched camera modes to take some photos.

For that reason I have both video and photos.

I stopped seeing the object because it literally dissolved into the sky, becoming weaker, although it returned to the same place half and hour later. It should be noted that I had already seen it and videotaped on earlier occasions, but the best images I've taken are the ones from today. (Saturday - 5:30pm & last Monday 1:30pm)

I found out that there was a strong tremor in Mexico City , and without saying that there's a connection between both events, they would appear to coincide

Victor estimates that the sighting lasted approximately 10 minutes.

UFO, Tepexpan , Mexico (November 26 th 2007)

Three images were submitted to MUFON on the 26th November with the following text:

“Working out of my shop and saw the object and took several pictures plus video. - (trabajaba y afuera de mi taller vi el objeto y le tome varias fotos y video)”

Original Images:

Sources: & MUFON Submission 8488

Friday, 16 November 2007

Dennis Kucinich - Shirley MacLaine UFO's At Democratic Debate Follow-up

Toward the end of the televised Democratic presidential candidates' debate on MSNBC Tuesday, Oct. 30, NBC's Tim Russert asked Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich about a recently published book (Shirley MacLaine's, “Sage-ing While Age-ing”) that he had once seen an unidentified flying object.

Kucinich was momentarily caught off guard but briefly stated that, yes, he did see something that was unidentified, was apparently flying and appeared to be an object.

Shirley MacLaine wrote about her old friend:

"He had a close sighting over my home in Graham , Washington , when I lived there. Dennis found his encounter extremely moving. The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him.

It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend. He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.”

I've held off posting anything about this particular incident, but since Kucinich has offered some sort of retort coupled with the fact that Shirley MacLaine is all over the place peddling her latest book (where Kucinich's UFO sighting is mentioned) I thought I'd better make a, “Token” post. On TV programme, "Today" Shirley MacLaine told Matt Lauer that she thinks it is "terrific" that Dennis Kucinich admitted at the last Democratic debate that he believes UFOs exist. "I think that is terrific that a presidential candidate admitted it," she said. "If they asked Gov. Bill Richardson, he would say it too, because he's the governor of UFOs. New Mexico ."

At the debate, Kucinich confirmed what MacLaine wrote in her new book, "Sage-ing while Age-ing," that he saw a UFO on a visit to her home. The entire exchange has led to a sidelight in the presidential race, pitting UFO believers against UFO deniers. MacLaine said that she became fascinated with UFOs when she was 18 and spotted the objects above the White House and the Capitol.

"It had a tremendous effect on me……….I have talked to a lot of astronauts and a lot of presidents, and these people are saying they are real."

And as promised, here's Kucinich's retort (after three days of kicking himself?)

And finally, over to Shirley and an interview about, yep you've guessed it, her new book!!

Dennis Kucinich: (1-887-413-3664)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Interstellar Intercourse - Antonio Vllas Boas Abduction

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the abduction of Antonio Villas Boas so to commemorate here's something I wrote about this a while ago.

Now although there were indeed several claims of alien abduction before the Antonio Villas Boas claim in 1957, very few had received any attention at all, yet alone from the media. That all changed with Antonio Villas Boas.

Born in 1934, Boas was a Brazilian farmer, and as is the norm for farmers in countries as hot as Brazil, much of the work in the fields was done during the night due to the intense heat during the day.

Although the actual abduction occurred on the 15th, Boas' strange encounters began up to ten days earlier. Reportedly, just after 11 PM on October 5th Boas spotted a bright white light in the sky as he opened the shutters and window to get some air. Then later on in the same night Boas checked again and the light was still there, much to the disbelief of Boas, the light seemed to drift slowly towards him as he watched it from his bedroom window. Terrified Boas slammed the shutters on the window and in doing so woke his brother and then they both watched incredulously as the light played through the gaps in the shutters lighting up the room.

Then a couple of day before the abduction (October 14th) around 9-10 PM, Boas again with his brother, were out tilling the fields, when they both witnessed an extremely bright light a little over three hundred feet above their heads. Upon seeing the light Antonio started out to further investigate the phenomenon, but as he approached the UFO it would suddenly shoot off at an incredible speed to the other end of the field, then again upon Boas' approach the UFO would shoot off. After repeating this over twenty times, Antonio eventually returned to his brother.

Antonio Villas Boas said,"The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elsewhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again."

It was on October 15th 1957 as Boas was ploughing fields when he saw what he would later describe as a kind of, “Red Star” floating in the darkened sky. Boas goes on to say as the object approached him, it was gradually increasing in size until it's shape became recognizable as a circular/egg shaped UFO. The red light he had seen appeared to be on the front of the UFO, The UFO then preceded to land in the same field, extending three <classic> legs as it did (in a tripod fashion). Not unsurprisingly it was at this point that Boas took to his heels and fled the scene.

He immediately jumped on his tractor and started to leave, but after travelling only a short distance the tractor engine & lights gradually died, at this point, fearing for his life, Boas decided to make a break for it on foot. It was at this point that Boas claims he was accosted by an other-worldly being.

“All of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped grey material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a grey material that looked stiffer and was strengthened back at nose level. Their helmets hide everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the lenses in ordinary glasses. Through them, the men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had light-coloured eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes, those helmets looked so tall that they corresponded to what the double of the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there sprouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can't tell whether they were made of metal or of rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes, which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back.”

Boas describes this alien as approximately five foot and was humanoid in appearance. The alien was wearing grey overalls and a futuristic helmet, he goes on to say that the alien had small, blue eyes and instead of speech as we know it, the alien made a series of noises not dissimilar to barks and yelps.

The alien was soon accompanied by a further three aliens who physically subdued Boas before manhandling him onto their UFO. Boas also describes the other aliens as wearing the same attire which he surmised to be some sort of uniform, but more noticeably the same size as him.

"The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all made of the same white metal. The table as well as the stools were one-legged, narrowing toward the floor where they were either fixed (such as the table) to it or linked to a moveable ring held fast by three hinges jutting out on each side and riveted to that floor (such as the stools, so that those sitting on them could turn in every direction)."

Once Boas was inside the UFO he claims he was stripped of his clothes and his body then covered in a strange gel like substance before being led into a half crescent shaped room through a doorway with unknown red symbols adorning it. Once in this room the aliens took samples of Boas' blood from his chin, before leaving him alone. While he was alone in this room some type of gas was pumped into the room which made Boas extremely ill at which point he vomited.

Now this is where the story takes something of an unexpected twist for shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was noticeably female, very attractive, and very naked. She appeared similar to the other aliens with blue cat-like eyes and platinum blonde hair, except for the pubic regions which were covered in bright red hair which Boas described as not far from the colour of blood. It is also worth noting that the pubic hair wasn't mentioned in the earlier accounts but was added later, perhaps as an after-thought?

Boas also thought that the gel which was earlier smeared on him was in fact some sort of sexual stimulant (perhaps similar to what we now know as Viagra?) as he became <for the first time in his life> uncontrollably sexually aroused and in fact had sexual intercourse twice with the alien.

“Her body was much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before. It was slim, and her breasts stood up high and well-separated. Her waistline was thin, her belly flat, her hips well-developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Her fingers and nails were normal.”

Boas said he was incredibly sexually attracted to the female alien and almost immediately had sexual intercourse with her. However there was no kissing involved (Boas claims the alien would not kiss him) but instead the female gently bit/nipped Boas' chin.

"But before leaving, she pointed to her belly, and smilingly (as well as she could smile) pointed to the sky—southward, I should say. Then she went away. I interpreted the signs as meaning to say that she intended to return and take me with her to wherever it was she lived."

Boas never saw the woman again, but he discovered there was another room on the craft where she stayed. The door was slightly ajar and he heard noises coming from that direction. After Boas clothing was returned he was then given a tour of the UFO. It was at this point he tried to pinch a, “Clock-like device” as testament to his encounter, but claims he was caught and made to return the item.

He was then escorted off the UFO, Boas recalls that,“The ladder retracted, the ship rose, the tripod landing struts retracted once again, so smoothly that once in place no sign of the opening through which they had emerged was visible.”

Boas remembers watching as it rose to the heavens whilst glowing brightly and stopped a little over a hundred feet above his head,
"The machine began to lift slowly straight up. At the same time the three legs of the tripod began to lift sideways so that the lower part of each (which tapered, was round, and ended in a broader foot) began to fit, or telescope, into the upper part (which was thicker and square). When this was over, the top contrivance entered the bottom of the machine. Finally nothing was to be seen of the legs, and the bottom looked as smooth and polished as if that tripod had never been there at all in the first place. I couldn't see any sign of where the legs had disappeared. These people really knew their business. The buzz formed by the dislocation of air grew louder, and the revolving saucer began to rotate at a terrific speed, while the light turned to many shades of colour, finally settling on a bright red. As this happened the machine abruptly changed direction by turning unexpectedly and producing a larger noise, when this was over, the strange airship darted of suddenly like a bullet southward, holding itself slightly askew, at such a heady speed that it disappeared from sight in a few seconds."

Upon his return to his tractor he noted that a little over four hours had passed, also the tractors engine wire was disconnected from the battery, leading Boas to muse that his alien captors had premeditated his trying to escape as well as showing a fundamental knowledge of how the tractor worked.

Now this outlandish account doesn't end there, if it did it may have been consigned to the annals of folklore many moons ago, but it is the events after the alleged abduction which lends more than a hint of credence to the Boas story. For in the weeks immediately after the abduction, Boas started suffering from prolonged bouts of nausea, weakness, headaches and after any kind of slight knock instead of the normal bruising, lesions would instead appear on Boas' skin.

Now cue a journalist named Jose Martins who had placed an advert in newspapers searching for people who had any sort of UFO experience/s. After initial contact with Boas, Jose Martins contacted a Dr. Olavo Fontes from Brazils National School Of Medicine who in turn ran extensive tests on Antonio Villas Boas and surprisingly found that Boas had at some point in the recent past been exposed to a large dose of radiation. And in turn concluded that Boas was subsequently suffering from a mild form of radiation sickness/poisoning.

Unlike many subsequent abductions, Boas was able to recall every detail of his purported experience WITHOUT the need for hypnotic regression.

Another feature that lends an air of credence to the Antonio Villas Boas story is that he never attempted to make a penny from any of his claims, he in fact shied away from talking about it and was obviously embarrassed about the sexual elements contained within his story. He in fact withdrew from public life (along with his wife) to continue his studies, he received a law degree and became a practising attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas. He also had four children.

Antonio Villas Boas died in 1992 the city of Ubera, in Brazil's Triangulo Minero, and stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life.

A couple of points, if you take the Boas story as fact, then:

  • The blood which was taken up to 45 minutes before the encounter with the female alien could have been for a variety of purposes. It may have been to catalogue the encounter, storing DNA etc. It may have been in case at some point in the future the unborn baby may have needed it, much like we do now. Or it could simply have been to screen Boas to make sure he wasn't diseased in any way.

  • You may assume the gas which induced vomiting was intended to fumigate the room that Boas was in, a sort of disinfectant if you like. Although one could also assume that the gas was to make it possible for the female alien to be able to breathe without the use of a helmet, which the other aliens never removed.

  • This leads to an anomaly as it would seem that this is one of the few abduction accounts where once on the UFO the aliens still never removed their suits/helmets. Also in similar abduction accounts the aliens seem perfectly capable of breathing in our atmosphere.

  • Also you can safely assume that it was the female alien who initially grabbed Boas before the other three forcibly took Boas onto the UFO. I believe you can draw this conclusion because of the height differences that Boas noticed between the female alien and the other three who remained suited.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Sunderland Echo - 14 November 2007 - UFO spotted over Sunderland - VIDEO

Did space invaders come to Sunderland?

(I happened across this recent article, and as it's my neck of the woods......)

Mum-of-four, Neala Fenton, was pacing the floor in the early hours rocking her baby son back to sleep when she looked out the window and spotted a strange light overhead in the night sky. The 26-year-old grabbed her mobile phone and managed to capture 10 minutes of video footage of the UFO with shining blue and pink lights.

Neala said she had been woken by her five-month-old son, Brandon, shortly before 5am on Monday. The New Herrington housewife said: "I had given him a bottle and was just walking about getting him back to sleep when I looked out of the window and saw this really bright light.

"I wondered what it was and got my phone so I could zoom up on it…….It was like nothing I have ever seen. It was bouncing around and there were different coloured bright lights coming from it."

Neala, who is also mum to Charlotte, seven, Ashleigh, two, and 18-month-old Sarah, said the object was not a plane of any description because it wasn't flying anywhere. She said: "At first it looked like it was just still, but afterwards it was sort of bouncing around, but mostly in the same place. It was in the sky, but not too high up, not as high as a plane would fly."

Neala, who lives in Railway Terrace, said she tried to wake husband Eddie, 25, to take a look, but he said it would be nothing and went back to sleep. She said: "My husband used to be a soldier so I thought he might know what it was. When he got up later I showed him the footage and he couldn't believe it. He said it wasn't a satellite and he hadn't seen anything like it before."

Neala said in the past she has always been sceptical of people saying they had seen UFOs, but she really can't find any explanation for what she saw.

Did you see the object? Or have you seen something else in the skies over Sunderland? Use the comment box below to let us know...

To view the mobile phone camera footage, the original article or to leave your comment then visit Sunderland Echo (Click On Text)

Here's a screen capture of the video, just as two lights appear on the object.

Here's the image with the circular section brightened up a little, and next to it is the same image zoomed in after being brightened.

(The video suffers from a very high compression resulting in a poor quality of image, if a higher resolution image is obtained the results will be posted here.)

Original Source: Sunderland Echo

International Pilot Witness Testimonies to UFO's (CNN Coverage Of NPC Press Conference)

Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN
NPC Press Conference
International Pilot Witness Testimonies to UFO's
(Close Encounters – UFO Files)

Follow up to Larry King Live, Fife Symington interview as well as interviews with the speakers (pilot UFO witnesses) and footage from the conference with a short head to head between James Fox, director of award winning UFO documentary, “Out Of The Blue” and resident skeptic James McGaha (Astronomer) both of whom featured on the Larry King Live UFO special.

Personally I believe McGaha lacks any conviction in what he's saying, much as he did on the recent Larry King Live show, he displays nothing of the calibre previously witnessed when Michael Shermer appeared on an earlier Larry King show back in July of this year (2007). But I'm not complaining as from what I seen, McGaha's sweeping statements and criticisms which ultimately were levelled at the recollections and subsequent statements of the witnesses (rather than at the evidence) only added credibility to the entire UFO witnesses testimony.

“If you can't attack the evidence, attack the witness?”

James McGaha is an amateur astronomer and a consultant to the professional skepetic group CISCOP. McGaha was also consulted for the massive disappointment that was the Peter Jennings UFO special, McGaha states that:

"UFOlogy is a mythology that is based on superstition wrapped inside a fairy tale."

I’m not a fan of Michael Shermer but he definitely made me want to throw something at the screen, but when watching McGaha I feel a little sorry for him not least of all as he seems to lose track of what he’s saying mid-sentence.

However, any empathy I feel is quickly turned into disdain when I remember his performance on ABC’s, “Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs -- Seeing Is Believing.” Have a look at this short clip as McGaha at least seems convinced of what he's saying, compare that to The Larry King Live Show and his performance is somewhat lacklustre.

McGaha - Skeptical of himself?

Apparently McGaha doesn't bother himself with things as trivial as evidence and very rarely (if ever) justifies his position on any of his dubious counter claims, generally relying on his favourite excuse of previously being an Air Force pilot which he generally uses as a direct rebuttal when pushed to elaborate further on his evidently unfounded and tainted speculations/explanations.

CNN - NPC Press Conference On Pilot UFO Reports
And this clip is a short CNN report On The Recent NPC UFO Press Conference, which again focuses on the international pilot witness testimonies to personal sightings of UFO's.
Anderson Cooper - CNN - UFO Press Conference

Greer Disillusioned With Free Press As The Disclosure Project Is Censored!! Censors The Disclosure Project!!

Dr Steven M. Greer writes on his most recent mailing that:

“Note: The two paragraphs referring to Laurence Rockefeller and to Bill and Hillary Clinton had to be removed from this press release when we sent it out through our press release service -, because they refused to send out the original press release with those references. It was referred up the chain of command at their organization and censored by them. When you think that we have a free press, think again. This was not even censored by the outlets themselves, but by the entry point to those outlets!!”

Here’s the release as it was intended to be seen:


Disclosure Project ( Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power - and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

Recent calls for a US government investigation into UFOs have not taken into account the fact that such investigations are on-going, highly compartmented and top-secret.

Dr. Greer states, "As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woolsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access. The senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, then headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me directly that upwards of $100 billion per year was going into so-called 'black' projects, including UFO programs, but that with a top-secret clearance and a subpoena power, he could not penetrate the veil of secrecy."

Subsequently, working with philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Greer provided in-depth briefing materials for President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who reviewed the matter while staying at the Rockefeller's JY Ranch. (The briefing materials are at

Dr. Greer reports that "The Clintons refused further disclosure of the matter. CIA Director Woolsey frankly stated that they could not disclose programs over which they had no control or access. Mr. Woolsey and the Clintons were shaken by the secrecy, and the power behind it."

Since then, The Disclosure Project has uncovered thousands of official US documents and top-secret military and corporate witnesses to programs dealing with UFOs, including project code names and numbers. Such operations are rogue and are beyond the scope of Congressional oversight committees.

For further information or for an interview with Dr. Greer contact:"

And an earlier mailing from Greer regarding the Clinton’s library, “Peek Into UFO Files” stated:

“FYI and clarification: The Project Starlight Coalition referred to in this AP report was The Disclosure Project in the early days; it was named by our point of contact who set up my briefing for CIA Director R. James Woolsey on December 13, 1993, and was operational around the time of Bill and Hillary Clinton's visit to Laurence Rockefeller's JY Ranch to review the data base and briefing materials we had helped assemble. Mr. Rockefeller confirmed to me that both Bill and Hillary were present for the meeting and review of materials, and another close friend of the Clintons who I know personally has also confirmed this. Subsequently, a close friend of Mr. Clinton's visited me at our home and said Clinton would not pursue the matter out of fears that " he would end up like Jack Kennedy..."

It remains to be seen what, if anything, Mrs. Clinton will do about the subject should she become President.

Steven M. Greer MD
The Disclosure Project

Clinton Library Offers Peek at UFO Files

Clinton Library Offers Peek at UFO Files


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — In a move sure to provide fodder for conspiracy theorists, the Clinton Library withheld e-mails with subject lines like "X-Files" and "Area 51" from a batch of documents recently released at a UFO buff's request.

National Archives officials made several files — ranging from a White House staffer's obsession with the TV show "The X-Files" to President Clinton's push to hook up the Sci-Fi Channel at Camp David — available for viewing starting last Thursday in response to Freedom of Information requests.

Several pages, however, were withheld because they would "constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy," according to National Archives documents. Among the released pages, 27 come from the files of former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, a fan of "The X-Files," a show about FBI agents investigating extraterrestrials and other supernatural events. The files include articles forwarded to Podesta about the canceled Fox show.

Peter Baker, a Washington Post reporter, relied on Podesta's interest in the show to persuade him to help on a book about the White House. "Why am I skeptical that this book constitutes an opportunity for us?" Podesta wrote in a March 24, 1999, e-mail to Baker, who eventually wrote a book about the former president's impeachment and trial.

"Because any good X-Files fan is skeptical by nature and understandably so," Baker replied the next day. In 1995, a group called the "Project Starlight Coalition" sent President Clinton a letter asking him to declassify any documents about extraterrestrials or UFOs. Two months later, an aide replied that he had forwarded the request for a meeting to White House staff. "The President appreciates your interest and long-standing involvement in this issue," James A. Dorskind, a special assistant to the president, wrote to members of the coalition.

The files also include an e-mail between White House spokeswomen Patricia F. Lewis and Mary Ellen Glynn over a Hollywood Reporter question about Clinton 's insistence on installing the Sci-Fi channel at the presidential retreat. "I know we're not going to talk about it, but it's one of the better questions I've heard in a while and I wanted to share," Lewis wrote.

The records are being released in response to a slew of requests from UFO enthusiast Grant Cameron, who operates a Web site on presidential history with extraterrestrials. Cameron has several other requests pending, including one for "all files on the Kennedy assassination." He did not immediately respond to an e-mail message seeking comment Tuesday.

On the Net: Clinton Library:

(Associated Press Release)

The Disclosure Project Is Rolling Again

It seems as if some sort of disclosure is certainly imminent, while Greer may not me held in high regard by part of the UFO community, he’s certainly high profile and it looks like he’s chose to strike while the iron’s hot with the recent media attention that the UFO subject has been receiving.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

Disclosure Project ( Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power- and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

Recent calls for a US government investigation into UFOs have not taken into account that such investigations are on-going, highly compartmented and top-secret.
Dr. Greer states "As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woolsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access. The senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, then headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me directly that upwards of $100 billion per year was going into so-called 'black' projects, including UFO programs, but that with a top-secret clearance and a subpoena power, he could not penetrate the veil of secrecy."

Since then, The Disclosure Project has uncovered thousands of official US documents and over 400 top-secret military and corporate witnesses to programs dealing with UFOs, along with project code names and numbers. Such operations are rogue and deny access to Congressional oversight committees.

The Disclosure Project is calling for open hearings in the Congress and UN so that these whistle-blowers may testify. Previous government/civilian panels, such as the Condon Committee of 1969, proved to be white-wash operations and were penetrated by CIA involvement. Dr. Greer states "We feel that an open hearing process would be the best avenue for our democracy to reassert control over these rogue operations. We have hundreds of heroic government whistle-blowers who need to be heard."

The Disclosure Project

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Watch NPC Pilot UFO Conference Video Clip

NPC Pilot UFO Conference

I recently made a Blog post entitled, “Is Full UFO Disclosure Beckoning? (The Reality as Seen by Former High Level Government and Military Officials)

Well as the event was held on Monday (12th Nov 2007) it has of course already occurred, apparently it played out pretty much as expected, i.e. no major revelations but hopefully it made people sit up and take notice.

Several major News groups have run with the story, including CNN and the majority of the internet news sites are still running it. Unfortunately at the time of writing the conference has yet to be posted in its entirety so you’ll have to make this with this five minute clip for now. The quality is not the best but it will have to suffice for the present!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Larry King - UFOS: Are They For Real (November 9th, 2007)

Larry King - UFOS: Are They For Real (November 9th, 2007)

Guests - Larry King is joined by Shirley MacClaine, who's had her own spacecraft sightings and can't wait for the chance to get on board.

Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona, who in 1997 ridiculed an infamous UFO sighting by thousands of people in the state and later admitted that he himself saw a craft.

James Fox, the filmmaker who is the executive producer of the award-winning feature length documentary "Out of the Blue" -- the definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

Colonel Chuck Halt, United States Air Force, retired, was the deputy base commander of Bentwaters Woodbridge, a U.S. military base in Suffolk, England. And in 1980, Chuck and his patrol investigated an internationally known UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest, close to the Bentwaters Woodbridge case. Sergeant Jim Pennison, United States Air Force, retired, was a Woodbridge security supervisor at that base in 1980. He says he sat with a UFO on the ground for 45 minutes before it hovered above him and shot into the air at an unearthly speed.

And in Copenhagen, Denmark is Nick Pope. For 21 years, Nick was a government official for the British Ministry of Defence. From '91 to '94, he ran the British government's UFO project at the Ministry of Defence, where he researched and investigated the UFO phenomenon for the British government.

July 2007 Larry King Live - UFO's: Are They Out There?

First Release of the full transcript of the show
is available here (.PDF document.)

11th November 2007 - Remembrance Sunday - Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields
John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Is Full UFO Disclosure Beckoning?

Is Full UFO Disclosure Beckoning?

The Reality as Seen by Former High Level Government and Military Officials

On Monday November 12 th at 11am, a panel discussion will take place moderated by former Arizona Governor Fife Symington at the National Press Club.

This discussion will include former high level government employees, military officials and pilots from all over the world. They'll discuss their own UFO sightings and encounters and they'll do it at the National Press Club in the nation's capital. Some of them will be sharing their stories for the first time.

This group has gathered together to call on the United States government to take an active role in investigating cases involving unidentified flying objects.

The general public is not alone when it comes to sighting what the US Air Force has labelled Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). So too have former governors, high level military and government officials, highly trained airplane pilots and aviation experts. The phenomenon is real. It happens worldwide. No one is sure about its nature.

Pilots to Tell Their UFO Stories for the First Time

Just one year ago, pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago 's O'Hare Airport. The clearly observed object shot straight up leaving a hole through the clouds. Despite the clear aviation safety issues involved, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) never investigated the incident and dismissed it as weather. This head-in-the-clouds refusal to investigate stands in sharp contrast to efforts by governments of other countries to understand these incidents.

(The NARCAP .PDF document detailing the full investigation into the O'Hare UFO report/sighting is available here.)

Group to call on US Government to Re-Open its Investigation

The group, using previously classified documents, will discuss many well-documented cases, including two investigated by the US government. The first involves a Peruvian Air Force pilot who fired many rounds at a UFO which was not affected. The second was an Iranian Air Force pilot's attempt to fire at a UFO, but whose control panel became inoperable.

“This case is a classic that meets all the necessary conditions for a legitimate study of the UFO phenomenon,” stated the US Defense Intelligence Agency document on the Tehran incident. Both pilots will come forward to speak about these events publicly for the first time.

List Of Speakers

  • Fife Symington, Former Arizona Governor, Moderator
  • Ray Bowyer, Captain, Aurigny Air Services, Channel Islands
  • Rodrigo Bravo, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile
  • General Wilfried De Brouwer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Belgian Air Force (Ret.)
  • John Callahan, Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA, 1980's (Ret.)
  • Dr. Anthony Choy, founder, 2001, OIFAA, Peruvian Air Force
  • Jean-Claude Duboc, Captain, Air France (Ret.)
  • Charles I. Halt, Col. USAF (Ret.), Former Director, Inspections Directorate, DOD I.G.
  • General Parviz Jafari, Iranian Air Force (Ret.)
  • Jim Penniston, TSgt USAF (Ret.)
  • Dr. Claude Poher, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, founder, French GEPAN
  • Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence, UK, 1985-2006
  • Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1963-98
  • Comandante Oscar Santa Maria , Peruvian Air Force (Ret.)

Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona, who in 1997 ridiculed an infamous UFO sighting by thousands of people in the state and later admitted that he himself saw a craft will moderate a distinguished panel of former high-ranking government, aviation, and military officials from seven countries to discuss close encounters with what the US Air Force describes as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Fife says, “This panel consists of some of the most qualified people in the world with direct experience in dealing with this issue, and they will bring incredible, irrefutable evidence, some never presented before, that we simply cannot dismiss or ignore.”

Representatives from France, England, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Iran and the US will call for the US Government to join in an international dialogue and re-open its investigation which the Air Force shut down over 30 years ago in cooperation with other governments currently dealing with this unusual and controversial phenomenon.

While on active duty, the panellists have either witnessed a UFO incident or have conducted an official investigation into UFO cases relevant to aviation safety and national security.

High ranking government personnel and military officials from around the world have seen what you won't believe. And they risk their reputations to make the case.

Fife Symington

Who can forget when the governor of Arizona held a press conference regarding the phoenix lights and got one of his staff to dress up in an alien costume!!
Seemingly Symington has done a complete U-turn and now says,

“In 1997, during my second term as governor of Arizona, I saw something that defied logic and challenged my reality.

I witnessed a massive delta-shaped, craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a mountain range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was truly breathtaking. I was absolutely stunned because I was turning to the west looking for the distant Phoenix Lights. To my astonishment this apparition appeared; this dramatically large, very distinctive leading edge with some enormous lights was travelling through the Arizona sky.

As a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man-made object I'd ever seen. And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don't fly in formation. The incident was witnessed by hundreds -- if not thousands -- of people in Arizona, and my office was besieged with phone calls from very concerned Arizonians.

The growing hysteria intensified when the story broke nationally. I decided to lighten the mood of the state by calling a press conference where my chief of staff arrived in an alien costume. We managed to lessen the sense of panic but, at the same time, upset many of my constituents.

I would now like to set the record straight. I never meant to ridicule anyone. My office did make inquiries as to the origin of the craft, but to this day they remain unanswered.

Eventually the Air Force claimed responsibility stating that they dropped flares. This is indicative of the attitude from official channels. We get explanations that fly in the face of the facts. Explanations like weather balloons, swamp gas and military flares.”