Saturday, 20 October 2007

UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley, Colorado (Aug 20th, 2007)

UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley, Colorado (Aug 20th, 2007)

I have recently been in contact with someone who has a couple of rather bizarre images he captured recently. (Real name supplied.) I originally made contact with Belizeman when he posted a lnk to his image on Forums. He also posted them to his Flickr account (Belizeman01)

Original images cropped and slight zoom.
San Luis Valley UFO

Belizeman01 says,

"On my Flickr site are other lights in the sky that I noticed and posted when I got back from vacation from August 20……..I find it very spooky that in three days I noted a half dozen "objects" taken only a few miles apart in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Ranchers tell me it's a radar dead zone because of the three mountain ranges surrounding the valley.

I was at the Zapata Falls lookout point, due east of the Watchtower, across the San Luis Valley. Zapata Falls is located about four miles south of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. <The object> maintained a steady course, speed similar to a commercial jet, until it was lost behind a mountain range north of the park.”

The two images were taken 2-3 seconds apart and Belizeman01 says that the camera never left his eye, adding that, “I often shoot off two or three shots rapidly to ensure a good photo, even when doing tripod work.”

Two UFO images animated with a lapse of 2.5 seconds.
San Luis Valley UFO animation

The parallels between the image and a commercial aircraft are also something that has been considered, Belizeman01 is quick to point out that he too can see the similarities between his image and that of a commercial aircraft.

Image after being run through a couple of filters.
San Luis Valley UFO Filter

“Enlarge it less or check out my Flickr site, and more detail is seen. Rotating it a bit and the similarity to a plane is clear. Yet exam how the rudder is now broadside to the direction of flight. The nose appears to be flat; curved up slightly like a ski ramp. In addition, where's the other wing? This was not a damaged plane crashing to earth. I do wonder what the dark, haziness from the centre of the craft is? It looks like an exhaust plume to me, except it was travelling the opposite direction.”

San Luis Valley UFO - aircraft similarity
“Rotating it a bit and the similarity to a plane is clear.”

Belizeman01’s Flickr Account


Cneval said...

I do not think this is something like any aerocraft.Because the shape is anomalous.Most of areocrafts are symmetrical.I really think it's looks like some bird?Or double birds?Some part of this object looks like the wing of birds.

Admin said...

I know what you mean but the witness has said that it moved across his field of vision without changing shape (such as a bird flapping its wings) also the two images he captured would also seem to suggest that this was the case.

So I feel it’s unlikely that this was a bird.