Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Stand By For Action!! - Colonel Bleep (1950's animation)

Stand By For Action!! - Colonel Bleep (1950's animation)

Colonel Bleep is an animated classic from the 1950's. It was way ahead of it's time with regard to recent and modern UFO theories and speculations, a prime example being the appearance of UFO's as a direct consequence of the detonation of nuclear weapons.

Colonel Bleep was the FIRST EVER colour cartoon created specifically for television!! Originally syndicated in 1957 as a segment on, “Uncle Bill's TV Club.” Out of the 104 episodes created, less than half are known to still exist!!

On August 23, 2005 Alpha Video released a DVD entitled Colonel Bleep, Volume 1. The DVD contains 23 episodes, about 20 of which do not appear on any earlier videocassette releases, nearly doubling the number of episodes of the series that were previously thought to exist.

Colonel Bleep's story was a strange one!! An interplanetary intelligence agent from/for the planet Futura, and his space deputies Squeek, a happy-go-lucky puppet-boy, and Scratch, a caveman who fell asleep until the first atomic explosion blew him from the past into the present.

Based on Zero Zero Island , from here they battled their arch-enemies like Dr. Destructo. The plotlines for Colonel Bleep were incredibly advanced, especially for a children's program although due to restrictions of the 1950's the quality of animation is extremely basic.

Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi is among its fans and has acknowledged the influence of Colonel Bleep on his own work.

Here's the first two episodes of Colonel Bleep that were ever created.


Richard said...

What a flashback!!! I remember watching Colonel Bleep as a kid on my parent's old black & white TV. It appears the cartoon's creator was remarkably insightful in his observations. A thinly vailed commentary on the 50's missile crisis, and very more... provocative suggestion on the UFO phenonema.

Sillysighbean said...

Interestingly, they mention the date July 16, 1945, 24 years later to the day a Saturn V rocket carrying Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Colllins to the Moon! Foreshadowing indeed.