Monday, 15 October 2007

British Company Unveils new UAV Flying Saucer

Originally posted on Stormwarning’s rather nice and clean looking Blog on October 10th 2007 under the title, "Finally! A Real Flying Saucer Sighting". So for all relevant links including the, “Coanda Effect,” patents, company websites and even a video, visit Stormwarning’s Blog (click text.)

As time passes, the future comes closer to reality. A small British company, GFS Projects, has built the world’s first flying saucer…its a UAV flying saucer with applications for close quarter surveillance and intelligence gathering for military and law enforcement, mountain rescue, and farming. Farming? I guess if it can hover and fly close to and within buildings…

This is our artist’s impression of a fully engineered, larger GFS craft. The aerodynamic principles of the GFS design are fully scalable. The development programme will work through a series of scaling stages over the coming months to prove this in practice. Picture courtesy of GPS Products

Applications of this flying saucer are listed here.This 60-cm-diameter flying saucer made its first flight about a month ago at a technology event at Churchill College, Cambridge and is capable of vertical take off, fully controlled flight, hovering, and landing on a specified point. Now for the science and technology part.

The flying saucer is based on what is called the Coanda Effect that was discovered in 1930 by the Romanian aerodynamicist Henri-Marie Coanda (1885-1972). He has observed that a steam of air (or a other fluid) emerging from a nozzle tends to follow a nearby curved surface, if the curvature of the surface or angle the surface makes with the stream is not too sharp.

Source : Stormwarning’s Blog

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