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UFO Spotted During Lunar Eclipse - Flemingsburg, Kentucky (August 28th, 2007)

Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky, USA. UFO spotted and videotaped during the recent lunar eclipse on August 28th, 2007

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Mr Jeromy Staggs of Flemingsburg, Kentucky videotaped the lunar eclipse at various stages hoping to document the event for his children to view.

After videotaping the eclipse and as he was watching the tape Jeromy noticed a strange silhouette apparently pass across and up the face of the moon.

Jeromy says he, “Paused video once after beginning because I was just gonna film different stages did not see the shadow or what ever until after viewing that morning, stayed outside after it was gone to continue filming the eclipse until the end, the whole video including the rest of the eclipse is about 7-8 minutes. Only 1 minute and 10 seconds of structure.”

Watch News Report On Lunar Eclipse UFO.

Originally posted to the news website

Jeremy also says that he has since submitted the tape to the Library of Congress to be copyrighted approximately two weeks ago, Jeremy then adds, “This video is gonna make heads spin!!”

He has also submitted a copy to Morehead State University's Space Science Center and says,

“The professors at Morehead State University's Space Science Center told me it was huge, they eliminated International Space Station, and all earth orbit satellites. I have 1 minute and 10 seconds of footage. The professors told me they thought it was in our atmosphere just after first viewing it, but in the beginning of the video a shadow or something move across the moon pry-or to the object.

One professor called me this morning and told me a guy in another part of Kentucky contacted them about having shot the same thing. Said he would be back in touch in a day or two……Was kinda surprised by the call. But said they was gonna start triangulating to determine size in a day or two, probably will be the first of next week before I hear anything about other video or size.”

A Possible Drone UFO Sighting?

Not long after the video was posted to the news website several members of UFO-forums quickly picked up on the similarity between this and the recent Drone UFO sightings. Jeromy has since joined the forums at UFOCasebook and OpenMinds and is answering any and all questions asked of him and currently being incredibly cooperative.

Some of the suggestions that have so far been dismissed are the splice-box. Jeromy – “And believe me it is no type of line or splice enclosure.”)

Here you can see what was thought could be a,"Splice case."

And here the Emboss filter is applied.

(“Emboss” filter would suggest wires as the lines seem to continue the length of the moon.)

Possible neighbouring Ham Radio Rig.
(Jeromy – “No possibilty.....No neighbors.”)

Thanks To OnTheFence (Forum member) for splice case and rig images.

Jeromy is also quick to point out that it’s no hoax,

“The electric pole was to the west of me. I was video taping to the southwest. As soon as I borrow my buddies GPS, I will give anybody the coordinates of where I was standing. I have about 1 minute and 10 seconds of video. And believe me it is no type of line or splice enclosure. This is no hoax it is the real deal. And if you don't believe me your welcome to stop by and see for yourself.”

"Unidentified Floating Structure”

When directly asked if he sees any resemblance between what he saw and the Drones Jeromy says, “I don't think it is a match –to the Drones-. This object I labeled UFS "Unidentified Floating Structure.”

“This structure is thousands of feet wide or possibly miles……This object floats in from right to left on lit part of the moon, stopping in the middle and then floats into the dark part………Yes I could see it with my naked eye. And no it was't no shadow……..The part hanging down goes to a point. The original is the best but have not viewed since I got it on dvd.”

Total Eclipse Of The Moon (NASA)

Here's a couple of lunar eclipse images I've edited together, the moon with the orange hue is the eclipse as een by Steev in Wollongong , Australia and the second was created by Timothy Grundvig showing the progress from start until fully eclipsed of August 28, 2007's total Lunar Eclipse. Full sequence of pictures taken from Bakersfield , Ca.

And here's a comparison with KNOWN objects passing in front of the moon.

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