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UFO Report – Bowdon, Trafford, UK - (Spotted On August 28, 2007)

UFO Report – Bowdon, Trafford, UK - (Spotted On August 28, 2007)

UFO Sighting - Bowdon, Trafford - UK
UFO Sighting - Bowdon, Trafford - UK

August 28, 2007 - A MOTORIST and passenger in Bowdon spotted a mysterious "round and metallic" object in the sky.

The orb was sighted above the A56 near Altrincham on August 28 at about 7pm and the witnesses posted their account on a international UFO research website. The driver said they saw a bright object that did not seem to have a colour. It appeared to be a metallic substance reflecting in the evening sunlight'.

They added it was round and looked big even though it was so high up. As they looked up it seemed to hover completely still and then shot off from a standstill like a bullet fired from a gun'.

Stuart Miller, editor of UFO Review, said this is the first mysterious sighting in the Trafford area for many years. "This could have been a natural phenomenon ..... or it could have been an alien spacecraft from another world. Who knows?"

He explained: "This could have been a natural phenomenon, part of some military activity, a mistake on the witnesses part or it could have been an alien spacecraft from another world. Who knows?" Stuart says the most well known UFO case in recent years involved a passenger aeroplane, just before it landed at Manchester Airport in January 1995.

"The pilot had just come over the Pennines and was flying into Manchester at about 4,000 ft. He saw a lighted object on his right hand side travelling in the opposite direction. It was wedged shaped' and had a black stripe down the side.

"The plane landed safely at Manchester Airport a short time later. Despite exhaustive investigations the reported object remains untraced but there is a radar record - no one really knows what it was."


UFO Sighting - Bowdon, Trafford - UK
UFO Sighting - Bowdon, Trafford - UK

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SoD said...

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Well I want you to fly with me a minute OUTSIDE THE BOX …. I got the mike in my hand and I'm sitting in the pilot's seat …. The people of this Planet are headed for a crash land awakening …. And the way it looks not many actually want to wake up .... well I've got the mike ... and I'm telling all the passengers of this planet ....
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Be safe, be well, be aware
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