Sunday, 16 September 2007

Bush, The Mortgage Mess And The Alien?!

Are there Aliens in the White House?

Reuters recently ran this story:

“Bush weighs in on mortgage mess.

Aug. 31 - President Bush and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke both say no bailout for speculators in housing while White House pushes plan to help some people keep homes.

At the White House, President George W. Bush adopted a tough love stance toward speculators and homeowners who over-reached during the housing boom. “

And accompanying the article was a short video of Bush giving his speech, and over Bush's left shoulder there is what would appear to be an alien peeking through the window!!

You don't have to endure it for long as it's only 17 seconds in…

Here's a still of the video.

Here's the same still but brighter.

Here's a close up of the alien.

Here's the same close up with slight adjustments to brightness etc.

Grant Cameron of PresidentialUFO.Com has cropped and cleaned up some more images of this and here is one of his,

there are more on his, “
Bush & The Alien Page

Now with all of the recent UFO related hoaxes one may well be skeptical, but the more I watch it the clip, the more intrigued I become, is it just a light anomaly or a distorted reflection perhaps, but of what? (Yes, it's actually there, it's visible for the duration of his televised speech!!)

And here's just his speech


Anonymous said...

Personal opinions about this video!!

1st opinion:
a) They play with our minds. There are many people believes on Aliens. Maybe the government of USA trying to play with our minds and try make us think that everything they do they do it for good of the humanity (wars, against terrorist, etc)with the help of their own imagination creatures.

b) Another opinion is that the Government of USA knows the existing of Aliens, and they have a good reason to make us believe that they communicate with the Aliens.
My answer/question to that is “Why to choose USA?Why President Bush? Why not someone else?” This question is the reason to make me believe that USA plays with our minds!

2) 2nd opinion

I believe on the existing of Aliens.
If they exist, the sure thing is that they have thousand years of technology better than us. Maybe they try to tell us that they are close to us with some way not to scare us. They watch us, and they w8 the perfect time to help us from not to destroying our own selves.
Why to do that? Maybe we are the last of our kind and they want to keep the live form of the universe on a balance!! Take example of the rare species here in earth which we try to protect them.

Now maybe some people wondering why they do not show there selves,
I think the answer is very simple (Ask your self or your religion “Are you ready to accept a different intelligent creatures? Which your religion do not ever mention something like that?” I think not.

The hard thing is “What to believe?”

Do not believe to anything, Accept everything and when the time comes we will take our answers!!, and I wish the answers will not be a reason for us to destroy our own kind.

Forgive me for my bad English!!!

Anonymous said...

I very much believe in Aliens & I also believe that they are coming here to help save our planet & ourselves from "ourselves". They work by 11:11 Universal Law & human's must find in their hearts to accept these Star Visitors a they are here to HELP MANKIND! I also believe that the Bush Govt. will tery to deceive people over the planet by Instilling False UFO sightings to frighten mankind but his is not true. They will NOT harm us & if we get attacked by UFO's it is not the Star Visitors doing it.