Saturday, 11 August 2007

YouTube - Haiti UFO And The Dominican Republic UFO - YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked?

Haiti And The Dominican Republic - YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked?
To discuss this video and it's conclusions further, please visit our, “ Haiti And Dominican Republic Faked UFO” thread in our UFO Forums.
Hoax Or Not?!?

Have a look and judge for yourself....

These are just one or two of a great many things that bother me regarding the authenticity of this video, I intend to cover these in the update.

Haiti UFO And The Dominican Republic UFO

YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked

(You may just want to skip to the bottom as it's already undoubtedly a HOAX)

Well, this post has been promised for a couple of days or so now, so here goes……….

I still stand by my statement that a couple of the palm trees which are prominent in the Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO videos are not just similar, but that they are identical. It seems that a great many people were very quick to point out that palms of a certain genus always appear similar but I feel this truly is a case of, “Not being able to see the wood for the trees.”

Have a look at the two stills below, the top one is from the Haiti UFO clip, and the bottom one is from the Dominican Republic UFO clip.

Here we have exactly the same image comparison with the brightness levels adjusted so the difference in colour doesn't detract from what you are looking at

Similar, or identical enough for the differences to be negligible?

Also, remember that if my assumptions are correct then this image would differ very slightly depending on the point of view of the camera (in the 3d world), coupled with the fact that the software used boasts real-time, “Wind effects.” So, for all these images may not be absolutely 100% identical, I challenge anybody anywhere to find me an image (that is not a CGI) to match this distinctive pattern, especially as they are allegedly so common throughout the palm tree world!!

And please feel free to email me with any evidence. Although after saying that I am pretty sure that anyone who can't see the obvious similarities between these two images won't have read this far anyway!! But the actual structure of the trees is identical; we're not talking about the odd leaf here, but the trunk as well.

I didn't want my video to turn into a marketing video for Vue-6. But it seems that unless I draw the (obvious?) parallels then people persistently think I'm, “Debunking” just for the sheer hell of it!!

So………………….. VUE6

And now onto the fabled VUE6, for those who are not aware of VUE6 and its capabilities,. VUE6 is a piece of software which pretty much allows you to create complete virtual worlds.

So can many others, BUT, do any of the others have a small demonstration video available that appears to show the setting of the recent Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO?

And even better, does any other software have a promotional video that shows what would appear to be one of the palm trees visible in the Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO?

Again have a look at the images below.

Vue6 Palm on the left & Dominican Republic Palm on the left.

And, original format with Vue6 Palm being on the right.

ATS : ProjectDreamland on the ATS Haiti UFO thread found what would appear to be a pefect match for the gasp that you can hear in the Dominican Republic gasp.The file was found and can be listened to HERE.

I was more than intrigued at how this .aiff file was located so quickly (but I'll save that theory for another time.)

Also, while I've been writing this, another video has been posted on YouTube, well, just have a look.

Haiti & Dominican Republic UFO's = Hoax!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do this! How many people (yours truly included!) would pay so much attention to the moving objects that they did not notice the cloned trees or the position of the sun.

As the old saying goes: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work to notice the CGI. Word is that it's a teaser for a new game.

Richard Lalancette said...

Great CGI.
Definitively not from ET Origin.
The rendering techniques seems to be similar to the fake drones.


Sky Watcher said...

Hi you did nice Job,But IF ITS REAL UFO we need more proof,which i think i have on my blog on this Haiti Video i am not saying its not fake but what i am saying here if & only if its real it can be this kind of ufo which scientist already know about.


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have nice blogging

Anonymous said...

Fake or not: Still a nice peace of "work"!

Anonymous said...

I believe there is life out there. But not this time. To me it's a hoax.

Health Hints said...

It was totally awesome the way you disected that video. Great work.

Tanning Lotion said...

I love what you did to the video. I believe that life could and probably does exist out there, but there are people like this that will do anything to make a name for themselves. Good work.

Karmyn R said...

I'm a bit bummed that it is fake. Good job dissecting those trees - as a casual observer of the video, I would have NEVER noticed it.

M said...

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