Monday, 6 August 2007

Discuss Crop Circles, View Crop Circle Pictures And Updates

View and discuss Crop Circles

Discuss Crop Circles, View Crop Circle Pictures And Updates

Just in case you haven’t ventured into our UFO Forums yet then you may not know about our thread which is maintained by our Moderator (Area51).

If you’re interested in UFO’s and have watched a few UFO videos online then the chances are you’ve watched one of his videos!! He had a very popular account on Youtube (sucks!!) back in the day, but upped sticks and headed on over to the virgin video share site, “LiveVideo (Area51).”

There is also a link to his crop circle documentary on the thread.

The thread attempts to catalogue recent and current UK crop circles as and when they occur, with images of crop circles as well as the dates and places.

So, if you wish to discuss Crop Circles or view pictures of UK Crop Circles then head on over to our UFO Forums - Crop Circle Thread (click on text.)

So!! What are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Probably just an extra-terrestrial expression of art.
I can hardly see a meaningful message/warning in those crop circles. They have beautiful symmetry.

Elohika said...

Elohim Crop Circles
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jorge said...

I found some cool crop circle photos from google-earth at
If you search a bit you will find lots of them :)

I hope you enjoy