Saturday, 21 July 2007

IsaacCaret – Dragonfly Drone – UFO – Big Basin – High Resolution Image Update!!

This really is turning into the UFO story that refuses to disappear, at least without a fight!!

However, this time it's not a new sighting or information, but rather a release of a high resolution image from Linda Moulton Howe (LMH). It's one of the original 12 Big Basin Drone UFO images, and to be honest it's not before time.

Most people who have been following the Drone UFO case have been chomping at the bit for further details and many, many forum members have been constantly pestering LMH for the 12 original images from the Big Basin/Drone/UFO sighting in the high resolution that LMH publicly stated she had in her possession.

In fact (as UFOCasebook's Latitude pointed out) it was probably the forum user, “Ivo” over at the OMF that spurred the release as he emailed LMH the day before saying that forum user OnTheFence (a well respected and knowledgeable authority on the images) had made a connection between the Isaac linguistic primer and the Big Basin Drone UFO but was unable to further any investigation without the release of the hi-res images.

So LMH obliged with the release of ONE image. This was sent simultaneously to several forum members from several forums who had expressed an interest. However scant an offering this may seem it has appeared to manifest itself as the, “Missing link” between the Drone UFO sightings and he Isaac/CARET documentation.

The reason for this is a striking resemblance between Isaacs's linguistic primer and a couple of the panels on the Big Basin Drone. This is evident in the image below.

For bandwidth and display reasons I haven't used the original image, but it may be downloaded here.

While personally I feel there are a couple of problems with this catalogue of events, it seems the vast majority of people who are interested in this case have accepted the connection as definitive proof. Granted the vast majority I refer to were 100% believers before the release of this image, but nevertheless the new image has been embraced as, “The real deal” by many people who have followed the Drone UFO's.

And I must admit the similarities are certainly too much to simply dismiss out of hand, as can be seen in the image below.

So the plot thickens as the mystery deepens…………….


Anonymous said...

Somebody created this hoax to generate traffic to certain websites.
The "C.A.R.E.T" documents in their sloppiness are proof enough that its a hoax.
What bothers me most about this whole affair is the amount of bad reasoning on the side of the UFO community. The fallacy of missing evidence is commited across the board. Just take a look at ufo casebooks's forums regarding this hoax. Latitude and agentM are both a joke.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that some people (like anonymous above) can simply write the whole thing off with simple ignorance.

"The "C.A.R.E.T" documents in their sloppiness are proof enough that its a hoax."

There has been at least 3 or 4 government contractors that i have seen say the same thing...basically that the C.A.R.E.T. documents are exactly how one in their field would expect to see something written up and presented. Everything about these documents have been analyzed, from the font type, to the hole punches to the type of scanner used and it has all been substantiated. To simply say "it's sloppy" is ignorance at it's peak.


We are here now. Do you understand the significance of that remark? We also are here to stay. Insults are food for us. They provide us with norishment much greater that the kindness of a Monkey brain. Do continue. We watch.

Anonymous said...

Umm, these were established as being 3D renderings like, 6 months ago. Why is this story ongoing? Why is it even being debated anymore? Some people sure are gullible.....