Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Entire 2007 Drone UFO Sightings, Reports And Images.

I was getting sick of constantly searching for already reported pieces of information regarding the Drone witnesses, chronology of sightings, photographs, time line, web site etc. etc.
So I decided to compile every 2007 Drone sighting, report and images gathered so far into an easily accessible PDF document.

The image sizes have been reduced to fit into this document and reduce download time, all of the original images may be viewed and saved by following the respective link in the Timeline History at the end of the document.

All except Rajman1977 who has since closed his Flikr account, so I’ve provided a download link to a file where these may be downloaded and viewed at their original size.

Please note that all of the documentation contained within is an exact representation of all of the original reports as they were made, including spelling mistakes etc.

Even if the reports are not everything that they claim to be, I am certainly becoming more intrigued with the increasingly revealing snippets of information which are slowly being released.

Download The Drone History .PDF file HERE


mike said...

This is just great ! Thanks a lot for compiling this

Admin said...

Thankyou for your kind words.

Jan said...

It sound and look like same UFO that "UFO Spotted During Lunar Eclipse - Flemingsburg, Kentucky (August 28th, 2007)" that Raajman1977 saw.

Logan said...

I would love to believe these pictures to be real. But as astonishing evidence as this is, why did not the drone photos not make national headlines? These pictures are absolutely phenomenal. I have never seen such detailed UFO photos as these. If these are the real thing and not fake, it is substantial evidence of other intelligent life. Thank you very much for compiling these images.

The Prophet1138 said...

It boggles the mind how people can be DOOPED by a little video-capture, the rotoscope tool of 3D Studio Max and some creativity. This is why y'all will never be taken seriously in the scientific community... you're too quick to believe!