Wednesday, 27 June 2007

California UFO Flap 2007 – Chad UFO, Lake Tahoe UFO, Rajman1977 UFO, Big Basin UFO, Isaac UFO Explanation (CARET –

The California UFO Flap Of 2007 Continues Unabated!!

To read about the previous Californian UFO sightings then please follow the links below. (You can also discuss the sightings or express your theories and views at our UFO Forums (HERE)

(The Isaac/CARET UFO) Explanation of the Recent "Strange Craft" Sightings

We have another name to add to the increasing list of witnesses/informants of the current Californian UFO Flap. The informants name is Isaac and he adds another complex twist to the already convuluted story, which until now comprised solely of witness statements and photographs the legitimacy of which are still being hotly contested.

The California UFO flap is turning into the UFO story that won't go away, just when even the believers of this particular sighting were starting to doubt the validity and the integrity of the witnesses (mainly due to the lack of verifiable information.)

And once again, right on cue we have an infinitely more detailed report, this time proffering reversed alien technology as the answer. Isaac also includes an incredibly lengthy and detailed correspondence as a, “companion to numerous document and photo scans.”

Indeed, if only a small percentage of what Isaac claims is true, then the disclosure of such information will have effects that will change the way we perceive the world, for ever!!

And that's not to mention that the information has profound implications for every part of society, from Physicists to Religious leaders!!

Isaacs account is too lengthy for a Blog post, so to read the account and view the scans and photos, visit Our UFO Forums (HERE)

And here's a little taste of what's on offer............................

Isaac - Chad - Raj - Capitola UFO

Alien Text (Isaac - Chad - Raj UFO)

Isaac Documents - Chad - Raj - Capitola UFO

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Berkana said...

The biggest detractor to this series of photos, IMHO, is that the text appears to be Japanese Katakana, with some characters upside-down or mirror-imaged, or combined. There is a Japanese font that looks virtually identical to the characters being used. I'll find you a link soon. I'm telling you, this thing is fake.

The renderings look like they were done in Alias.

Seriously, think about this: something is wrong when UFOs in each decade look like what the SciFi of that decade suggests. UFOs from the 70's and before look like something out of the Jetsons: simple disks, maybe with an antenna or two. Now, they look like something inspired by modern SciFi. I might be inclined to believe what I see if there were more consistency, but what I'm seeing doesn't convince me at all.