Monday, 21 May 2007

Watch UFO News Report , “This Morning” (UK TV) Feb 2007

A short report on the UFO phenomenon presented on the UK TV show, “This Morning.” As is par for the course it's a rather watered down and inherently bias viewpoint. It still seems that the fear of ridicule permeates and taints the belief systems of the mainstream media, whose jovial demeanour and dismissive attitudes do nothing to further any serious investigation into this much misunderstood phenomena.

The enthusiasm with which Eamonn Holmes has read his notes on the subject is apparent within the first minute or so of the broadcast, with Holmes claiming there are hundreds of yearly sightings while the report states there is one every three minutes!! (That means approximately. 20 per hour, 480 per day, 3360 per week, 13,340 per month and a staggering 161,280 a year!!)

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