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Interstellar Intercourse - The Abduction Of Antonio Villas Boas

Now although there were indeed several claims of alien abduction before the Antonio Villas Boas claim in 1957, very few had received any attention at all, yet alone from the media. That all changed with Antonio Villas Boas.

Born in 1934, Boas was a Brazilian farmer, and as is the norm for farmers in countries as hot as Brazil, much of the work in the fields was done during the night due to the intense heat during the day.

Although the actual abduction occurred on the 15th, Boas' strange encounters began up to ten days earlier. Reportedly, just after 11 PM on October 5th Boas spotted a bright white light in the sky as he opened the shutters and window to get some air. Then later on in the same night Boas checked again and the light was still there, much to the disbelief of Boas, the light seemed to drift slowly towards him as he watched it from his bedroom window. Terrified Boas slammed the shutters on the window and in doing so woke his brother and then they both watched incredulously as the light played through the gaps in the shutters lighting up the room.

Then a couple of day before the abduction (October 14th) around 9-10 PM, Boas again with his brother, were out tilling the fields, when they both witnessed an extremely bright light a little over three hundred feet above their heads. Upon seeing the light Antonio started out to further investigate the phenomenon, but as he approached the UFO it would suddenly shoot off at an incredible speed to the other end of the field, then again upon Boas' approach the UFO would shoot off. After repeating this over twenty times, Antonio eventually returned to his brother.

Antonio Villas Boas said,
"The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elsewhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again."

It was on October 15th 1957 as Boas was ploughing fields when he saw what he would later describe as a kind of, “Red Star” floating in the darkened sky. Boas goes on to say as the object approached him, it was gradually increasing in size until it's shape became recognizable as a circular/egg shaped UFO. The red light he had seen appeared to be on the front of the UFO, The UFO then preceded to land in the same field, extending three <classic> legs as it did (in a tripod fashion). Not unsurprisingly it was at this point that Boas took to his heels and fled the scene.

He immediately jumped on his tractor and started to leave, but after travelling only a short distance the tractor engine & lights gradually died, at this point, fearing for his life, Boas decided to make a break for it on foot. It was at this point that Boas claims he was accosted by an other-worldly being.

“All of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped grey material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a grey material that looked stiffer and was strengthened back at nose level. Their helmets hide everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the lenses in ordinary glasses. Through them, the men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had light-coloured eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes, those helmets looked so tall that they corresponded to what the double of the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there sprouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can't tell whether they were made of metal or of rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes, which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back.”

Boas describes this alien as approximately five foot and was humanoid in appearance. The alien was wearing grey overalls and a futuristic helmet, he goes on to say that the alien had small, blue eyes and instead of speech as we know it, the alien made a series of noises not dissimilar to barks and yelps.

The alien was soon accompanied by a further three aliens who physically subdued Boas before manhandling him onto their UFO. Boas also describes the other aliens as wearing the same attire which he surmised to be some sort of uniform, but more noticeably the same size as him.

"The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all made of the same white metal. The table as well as the stools were one-legged, narrowing toward the floor where they were either fixed (such as the table) to it or linked to a moveable ring held fast by three hinges jutting out on each side and riveted to that floor (such as the stools, so that those sitting on them could turn in every direction)."

Once Boas was inside the UFO he claims he was stripped of his clothes and his body then covered in a strange gel like substance before being led into a half crescent shaped room through a doorway with unknown red symbols adorning it. Once in this room the aliens took samples of Boas' blood from his chin, before leaving him alone. While he was alone in this room some type of gas was pumped into the room which made Boas extremely ill at which point he vomited.

Now this is where the story takes something of an unexpected twist for shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was noticeably female, very attractive, and very naked. She appeared similar to the other aliens with blue cat-like eyes and platinum blonde hair, except for the pubic regions which were covered in bright red hair which Boas described as not far from the colour of blood. It is also worth noting that the pubic hair wasn't mentioned in the earlier accounts but was added later, perhaps as an after-thought?

Boas also thought that the gel which was earlier smeared on him was in fact some sort of sexual stimulant (perhaps similar to what we now know as Viagra?) as he became <for the first time in his life> uncontrollably sexually aroused and in fact had sexual intercourse twice with the alien.

“Her body was much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before. It was slim, and her breasts stood up high and well-separated. Her waistline was thin, her belly flat, her hips well-developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Her fingers and nails were normal.”

Boas said he was incredibly sexually attracted to the female alien and almost immediately had sexual intercourse with her. However there was no kissing involved (Boas claims the alien would not kiss him) but instead the female gently bit/nipped Boas' chin.

"But before leaving, she pointed to her belly, and smilingly (as well as she could smile) pointed to the sky—southward, I should say. Then she went away. I interpreted the signs as meaning to say that she intended to return and take me with her to wherever it was she lived."

Boas never saw the woman again, but he discovered there was another room on the craft where she stayed. The door was slightly ajar and he heard noises coming from that direction. After Boas clothing was returned he was then given a tour of the UFO. It was at this point he tried to pinch a, “Clock-like device” as testament to his encounter, but claims he was caught and made to return the item.

He was then escorted off the UFO, Boas recalls that,
“The ladder retracted, the ship rose, the tripod landing struts retracted once again, so smoothly that once in place no sign of the opening through which they had emerged was visible.”

Boas remembers watching as it rose to the heavens whilst glowing brightly and stopped a little over a hundred feet above his head,

"The machine began to lift slowly straight up. At the same time the three legs of the tripod began to lift sideways so that the lower part of each (which tapered, was round, and ended in a broader foot) began to fit, or telescope, into the upper part (which was thicker and square). When this was over, the top contrivance entered the bottom of the machine. Finally nothing was to be seen of the legs, and the bottom looked as smooth and polished as if that tripod had never been there at all in the first place. I couldn't see any sign of where the legs had disappeared. These people really knew their business. The buzz formed by the dislocation of air grew louder, and the revolving saucer began to rotate at a terrific speed, while the light turned to many shades of colour, finally settling on a bright red. As this happened the machine abruptly changed direction by turning unexpectedly and producing a larger noise, when this was over, the strange airship darted of suddenly like a bullet southward, holding itself slightly askew, at such a heady speed that it disappeared from sight in a few seconds."

Upon his return to his tractor he noted that a little over four hours had passed, also the tractors engine wire was disconnected from the battery, leading Boas to muse that his alien captors had premeditated his trying to escape as well as showing a fundamental knowledge of how the tractor worked.

Now this outlandish account doesn't end there, if it did it may have been consigned to the annals of folklore many moons ago, but it is the events after the alleged abduction which lends more than a hint of credence to the Boas story. For in the weeks immediately after the abduction, Boas started suffering from prolonged bouts of nausea, weakness, headaches and after any kind of slight knock instead of the normal bruising, lesions would instead appear on Boas' skin.

Now cue a journalist named Jose Martins who had placed an advert in newspapers searching for people who had any sort of UFO experience/s. After initial contact with Boas, Jose Martins contacted a Dr. Olavo Fontes from Brazils National School Of Medicine who in turn ran extensive tests on Antonio Villas Boas and surprisingly found that Boas had at some point in the recent past been exposed to a large dose of radiation. And in turn concluded that Boas was subsequently suffering from a mild form of radiation sickness/poisoning.

Unlike many subsequent abductions, Boas was able to recall every detail of his purported experience WITHOUT the need for hypnotic regression.

Another feature that lends an air of credence to the Antonio Villas Boas story is that he never attempted to make a penny from any of his claims, he in fact shied away from talking about it and was obviously embarrassed about the sexual elements contained within his story. He in fact withdrew from public life (along with his wife) to continue his studies, he received a law degree and became a practising attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas. He also had four children.

Antonio Villas Boas died in 1992 the city of Ubera, in Brazil's Triangulo Minero, and stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life.

A couple of points, if you take the Boas story as fact, then:

  • The blood which was taken up to 45 minutes before the encounter with the female alien could have been for a variety of purposes. It may have been to catalogue the encounter, storing DNA etc. It may have been in case at some point in the future the unborn baby may have needed it, much like we do now. Or it could simply have been to screen Boas to make sure he wasn't diseased in any way.

  • You may assume the gas which induced vomiting was intended to fumigate the room that Boas was in, a sort of disinfectant if you like. Although one could also assume that the gas was to make it possible for the female alien to be able to breathe without the use of a helmet, which the other aliens never removed.

  • This leads to an anomaly as it would seem that this is one of the few abduction accounts where once on the UFO the aliens still never removed their suits/helmets. Also in similar abduction accounts the aliens seem perfectly capable of breathing in our atmosphere.

  • Also you can safely assume that it was the female alien who initially grabbed Boas before the other three forcibly took Boas onto the UFO. I believe you can draw this conclusion because of the height differences that Boas noticed between the female alien and the other three who remained suited.

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