Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Chad (Coast To Coast) - Latest UFO Pictures - Too Good To Be True? Look & Judge for yourself!

It would seem that there is quite a bit of furore about these latest UFO pictures, the American Chronicle ran the story just two days ago (May 13th) questioning the credibility of these photos and muses,

“As you can see, the detail is quite unsurpassed for a 'UFO' picture. Clear(ish) markings underneath indicate an as yet unknown language. Some pundits have suggested that the 'letters' are some kind of Asian extraction and that the whole thing has been CGI produced (using clever computer graphics)”

Well I believed this question was answered thoroughly and accurately in our UFO-Forums back on the 9th May by one of the Forum moderators, “Area51”. But upon further investigation doubts have been raised. Firstly it has transpired that Coast To Coast uses Adobe Elements to edit their pictures and secondly not every letter has a corresponding letter in the respective alphabet, although the resemblance is still striking.

Have a look and judge for yourself…..

To view further photos and to read the evidence collected, visit here. And while you're there why not sign up to our UFO Forums and I'm sure you'll find some interesting information there and we'd love to hear your opinions.

UFO - Too Good To Be True?

To view further photographs and to get the full story, visit here.

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