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Big Brother Watches Over Orwellian Britain

Would You Mistake This Mobile Police CCTV Unit For A UFO At First Glance?!?

Britain ranks #1 in the Global league table for the ratio of cameras to people, with 20% of all the world's CCTV cameras being used in Britain.

There is ONE CCTV camera for EVERY THIRTEEN people living in the Britain.

And what is the percentage of the level of improvement of detection rates (of violent offences) since the introduction of CCTV? Yep, an overall 0% increase in detection rates!!

Hampshire Police Chief Constable Speaks Out Over Orwellian Society

Deputy Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Ian Readhead has questioned the extensive use of CCTV cameras, especially so in small towns such as Stockbridge (which is part of the Hampshire Force Area) where parish councillors have spent £10,000 installing CCTV.

Ian Readhead was speaking to BBC One's, “Politics Show”.

"I'm really concerned about what happens to the product of these cameras, and what comes next. If it's in our villages, are we really moving towards an Orwellian situation where cameras are at every street corner? And I really don't think that's the kind of country that I want to live in”.

The National DNA Database

Another database that has grown alarmingly in the past two years is the National DNA Database, Mr Readhead as well as calling for tighter restrictions on CCTV is raising the issue of why so much DNA is being kept.

This is as well as Police indiscriminately taking & storing DNA from every person they question or arrest, guilty or innocent!!

Hundreds of thousands of children aged between 10 and 18 have had their DNA added to the database despite never being cautioned or charged for any offence.

Originally touted as a, “Database for known offenders” it is quick becoming a database of the mass populous, with over 3.7 million Britons on it and this number is increasing rapidly.

This should ring alarm bells for everyone, especially with the, soon to be compulsory Identity Card. The Database State has arrived!!

And surely this is defeating the object of the full goal of the exercise, or at least the goal as we were previously lead to believe. For rather than having a National DNA Database of known offenders which they could more easily index, it appears that they are compiling a database of the entire country which surely at the very least interfere with the speed of the entire process. Because instead of searching through just the criminals' DNA, they will have to sort through the entire DNA Database for comparisons, ultimately costing more time, effort and money.

There are an estimated 4.2 million CCTV cameras in Britain. One for every 13 people.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has raised concerns about Britain , "Sleepwalking into a surveillance society" with more cameras on the street and extensive monitoring of consumer behaviour.

The day after Deputy Chief Constable of Hampshire Police voiced his growing concerns over the increase of CCTV cameras, a new Police, “Spy Drone” is announced in Britain!!

A, “Spy Drone” which was originally used for military reconnaissance was unveiled and paraded for the public today. The silent, “Eye in the sky” was revealed the day after Deputy Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Ian Readhead voiced his fears over Britain becoming an, “Orwellian” society.

Officially titled, “The Microdrone,” it measures a mere 2ft between the tips of its eight rotor blades. While almost completely silent it is designed to hover above crime scenes and send footage to officers on the ground. It only has a maximum speed of 15mph but can take off and land in all weathers.

It is to be trialled in Liverpool and is the first time anything like this has been, and I quote, “Put to civilian use in this country”. (Which for myself, raised the immediate response of when and why has <as is implied> the military used this in Britain? But I digress.)

The Police are hoping that the Microdrone will eventually replace many flights that their existing manned helicopter currently undertakes and more importantly at a significantly reduced cost. Or at the very least offer valuable assistance to the helicopter and its crew. Also the Microdrone will be used in conjunction with existing mobile CCTV vans, which have been in use for quite a while now.

The business development manager for Microdrone. Alistair Fox said that,

"We believe they are ideal for police use -they can be up in the air in just three minutes, they are relatively easy to fly, and they can provide high-quality images back to officers on the ground. They don't need clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority because as they weigh less than 7kg they are officially classified as toys”.

Click On Picture To Enlarge
The Microdrone, Click On Picture To Enlarge

Talking CCTV Cameras

And all of this comes around a month after it was announced trials are commencing of talking CCTV cameras (which are already under way in Middlesbrough among other places). And all of this is being engineered with NO PROOF that any type of CCTV cameras do any good in preventing or reducing crime!!

In fact quite the opposite, as the number of CCTV cameras has risen, so has violent crime and robbery.

So, if even the people who are governed with policing the areas are voicing concerns that the government are constantly installing new cameras and as it's evidently not deterring the criminals, one has to question if there is an ulterior motive at play?

So we have an increase in CCTV cameras as well as ones fitted with speakers which enables the operator to speak to people that they are viewing, we have military style UAV's being employed in civilian sectors by the British Police. Again with speakers and the ability for communication. Is the governments insistence on pushing the introduction of Identity cards for all UK residents borne from keeping its citizens best interests at heart, or is it really just a megalomaniacal need for more power and ultimately more control?

Is, "Transformational Government" just Doublespeak for, "The Database State"

"Transformational Government" is the current, “Buzzword”. Doesn't sound that bad does it? A little bit vague perhaps. Well, the idea of it (and ultimately of the Identity cards) is to link all of the existing databases together or at least to allow the National Identity Register (NIR) to index them.

This means that your NIR number will basically be the barcode of your entire life. Another new phrase being proffered by the, “Transformational Government” is, “Information Sharing”. Oh yes, it gets better!! Any information you share with a public servant in any sector, could be electronically passed to just about anyone!! Or worst, accessed by criminals (and I don't mean just the government!!)

Everyone over the age of 16 will be required to register for an ID card. ”The Identity Cards Act” sets out fifty different sorts of information to be held on each individual, these range from name, address and date of birth to a record of all the occasions on which your record has been accessed and by whom. Also, Home Office regulations pushed through makes it possible to indefinitely extend this list in the future.

The NIR is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998, so theoretically an individual will be able to see the NIR information held on him/her. However a little further investigation uncovers that the Data Protection Act itself qualifies for several exemptions for viewing information that is used by government.

Even though you may be allowed to check the data that is stored, you are unable to correct any wrong information that is being held about yourself!! Also stressed is that, “You are personally responsible for the accuracy of the information!” How you can guarantee any form of accuracy when you apparently are offered no control over the final data which is included in the finished file is a little unclear.

Also, the Home Secretary has the power to change information held about you at any time, without your prior knowledge or consent. And indeed, no notification after the change of data is required or offered.

Britain is supposed to be a, “Western Democracy,” isn't it?

What's next for Britain? A Ministry Of Love (Miniluv), Telescreens and The Thought Police?

Rather than the Totalitarian approach of regulating nearly every aspect of public and private behaviour, the British Government it would appear is instead intent on cataloguing every aspect of public and private behaviour.

But to what end?

And more importantly, will it justify the means?

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Chad – Coast To Coast UFO Pictures Update. The Plot Thickens!! (Capitola UFO Pictures)

First the O'Hare Airport, then Guernsey Pilot spots UFO, then Coast To Coast and Chad, then a similar UFO sighting at Lake Tahoe, and now we have yet another incredibly similar UFO at Capitola, courtesy of, “Rajman1977” (Flickr I.D).

Bizarre UFO in Sky

rajman1977 explains that he was visiting his fianc├ęs parents in Capitola. Then while eating dinner back porch they noticed the UFO sort of hovering in the sky, before it finally took off into the distance pretty fast. Adding that, “At one point a car stopped to look as well.” And nobody could figure it out and present was a mechanical engineer.

So after sending a copy to the local paper he uploaded the others to a ,”New” Flickr account. Visit rajman1977's account and view the photos.

Remarkable coincidences? Or maybes the beginning of the end for the UFO debunkers?

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UFO News Repot - UFO - Two Reports On The O'Hare Airport UFO Sighting

Just in case you missed any footage when this incident actually occurred here’s the news clip that set the internet buzzing as it shows a discussion off camera that re-enforces the beliefs of the interviewer and interviewee about how excited they both are at this UFO sighting.

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Watch Look North, Leeds UFO News Report – February 2007

Even regional TV is getting in on the UFO act by airing footage that they received from a viewer of a UFO. A Look North weatherman being the recipient, the report also includes a spectacular photo of lenticular cloud formation, a subject which adds a little credence to a couple of UFO debunkers theories, as from a distance they, “Could” appear similar to a UFO.

Lenticular Cloud - Mistaken For UFO's
I've also included a couple of pictures of lenticular clouds,
so you can judge for yourself.
Lenticular cloud - Stamp

Clip also includes second broadcast the following day when it's thought to be debris re-entering the earths atmosphere.

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Watch UFO News Report , “This Morning” (UK TV) Feb 2007

A short report on the UFO phenomenon presented on the UK TV show, “This Morning.” As is par for the course it's a rather watered down and inherently bias viewpoint. It still seems that the fear of ridicule permeates and taints the belief systems of the mainstream media, whose jovial demeanour and dismissive attitudes do nothing to further any serious investigation into this much misunderstood phenomena.

The enthusiasm with which Eamonn Holmes has read his notes on the subject is apparent within the first minute or so of the broadcast, with Holmes claiming there are hundreds of yearly sightings while the report states there is one every three minutes!! (That means approximately. 20 per hour, 480 per day, 3360 per week, 13,340 per month and a staggering 161,280 a year!!)

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Watch News Report, Brighton UFO Sightings Reported on BBC – May 17th 2003

It seems even the UK military are having run-ins with UFO's, as a UFO invades UK airspace.
Or is it swamp gas, oil fields, lighthouse, weather balloon etc. etc. etc. - Change Of Plan!!

Well this UFO Blog is only a couple of months old so I figured if I was going to do an overhaul, far better do it now than having to do it further down the line when there will be much more work involved. After much deliberation I have decided to use this UFO Blog exclusively for, “Breaking UFO News,” as well of course as UFO's in the news in general.

The reason for this being the more in-depth research that is currently being undertaken and the mass of data that I have <and still am> amassing is just too much for one little UFO Blog!! The UFO subjects that I am intending to cover are as many and varied as they are diverse.

So rather than just upload them all as UFO Blog posts which will make them very difficult to catalogue and search, I've decided to go back to, “Plan A” which was to have an, “Old fashioned” website. This will make it much easier to group similar UFO web pages together, making it much easier to add categories and sub-categories . It will also make for a much friendlier overall user experience

Seeing as this decision has just been made, the first web pages are still a few weeks away, the reason I'm telling you all this is that the content on the UFO Blog will be changing to a more news orientated slant. As will became apparent during the next couple of posts.

Incidentally there will be no change to the UFO Forums, so if you haven't joined yet, now's as good a time as any!! Join UFO Forums Now!! And I'll keep you posted…..

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The Flying Saucer Working Party - UK Government UFO Deception

The Flying Saucer Working Party - UK Government UFO Deception

Before I start with this I feel it's necessary to point out that The Ministry Of Defence (MOD) has always categorically denied that any investigation into UFO's, their origins and their threat level had took place Even when the minutes of this <strenuously denied> non-existent committee came to light in 1999, the report it produced could not be found. The document was conveniently, “Absent” from the catalogue at the Public Record Office (now the TNA). Staff eventually concluded that apparently the document, “Had not survived the passage of time.”

Sir Henry Tizard

The story starts with a man named, Sir Henry Tizard, one of Churchill's most trusted scientific advisors. At the start of the First World War, Tizard signed up to the Royal Garrison Artillery before becoming experimental equipment officer to the Royal Flying Corps. Then the Ministry of Munitions from 1918 to 1919. When the war finished he was made Reader in Chemical Thermodynamics at Oxford where he pioneered the concept of, “Octane Numbers.” Then back to the government and a job as assistant secretary to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research which in turn <among other things> lead to Director of Scientific Research to the Air Force and finally as the Rector of Imperial College, London, (1929-1942.)

1933 saw Tizzard appointed as Chairman of the Aeronautical Research Committee a post which he occupied for most of the Second World War. In the run up to the war Tizard was heavily involved in pioneering radar, then in 1940 after a top secret conference with Churchill in which he had been overruled on an objection to Reginald Victor Jones's view that the Germans had established a system of radio-beam bombing aids over the UK, he commenced on, “The Tizard Mission.” On this mission he introduced British radar developments to the United States and other interested parties. 1948 and a return to the MOD as Chief Scientific Advisor (1948-1952).

It was while Tizard was in this post that he flexed the muscle of Chief Scientific Advisor and stated that, “UFO sightings should not be dismissed without some form of proper scientific study.” It was due almost exclusively to Tizzards insistence that a small Directorate of Scientific Intelligence/Joint Technical Intelligence Committee (DSI/JTIC) working party was to be set up to further investigate the phenomenon.

The infamously named, “The Flying Saucer Working Party.”

It is also worth noting at this point that by mid 1950 there was a war in Korea and Russia had just successfully tested their first atomic bomb, thus creating even more pressure and adding to the question as to who or what was frequently invading British and American airspace in the form of UFO's.

The DSI/JTIC minutes stated,

The Chairman said that Sir Henry Tizard felt that reports of flying saucers ought not to be dismissed without some investigation and he had, therefore, agreed that a small DSI/JTIC Working Party should be set up under the chairmanship of Mr Turney to investigate future reports. It was agreed that the membership of the Working Party should comprise representatives of DSI1, ADNI(Tech), MI10 and ADI(Tech). It was further agreed that it would be necessary at some time to consult the Meteorological Department and ORS Fighter Command but that these two bodies should not be asked to nominate representatives”

The Flying Saucer Working Party Is Born

The Flying Saucer Working Party had five high ranking members. These were selected from the elite Technical Intelligence branches of the Air Ministry, Admiralty, War Office and Ministry of Defence. It's first meeting was in October 1950 and as a result of this meeting, the Royal Navy and the RAF were asked to submit all UFO sightings directly to the Flying Saucer Working Party.

When the National Archives released this information the background was outlined and was as follows:

Terms Of Reference For The Flying Saucer Working Party.

  1. To review the available evidence in reports of ‘Flying Saucers'.

  2. To examine from now on the evidence on which rep orts of British origin of phenomena attributed to ‘Flying Saucers' are based.

  3. To report to DSI/JTIC as necessary.

  4. To keep in touch with American occurrences and evaluation of such.

The conclusions were printed in a document which is dated June 1951. The report on, “Unidentified Flying Objects” was classified as “Secret, Discreet.” After eight months of studying UFO sightings from across the world, The Flying Saucer Working Party concluded that only three warranted further investigation.

The first was in June 1950 a pilot on patrol from RAF Tangmere in Sussex sighted a “Bright circular metallic object” which shot past his Meteor jet fighter at 20,000 feet. During the debriefing process, it transpired that four RAF controllers at an air defence radar station near Eastbourne had, at the same time, tracked an, “Unusual response” that quickly vanished from their screens, moving at terrific speed.

And the other two reports came from the same pilot regarding two different events, with the second being corroborated by several military personnel. The witness, am experienced test pilot who retired from the RAF as a Wing Commander. The report was about an incident which occurred in August 1950. He spotted a,” Flat disc-shaped object resembling a shirt button, light pearl grey in colour, spinning through a series of S-turns at speeds of up to 1,000 miles per hour above the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough.”

And two weeks later the same pilot, this time with FIVE other RAF officers saw yet another disc shaped object which appeared low in the sky in the direction of Guildford and Farnham.

ALL of the group witnessed the UFO performing extraordinary, high speed manoeuvres, including flying in a peculiar, “Falling leaf” motion before shooting off into the horizon, again at a terrific speed. All six were interrogated by a MOD team and were allegedly warned not to discuss the UFO sighting in public.

And The Flying Saucer Working Party's response to these highly trained military officers? Despite the experience and calibre of the RAF witnesses, dismissed the first report as, “Impossible to believe” and probably an optical illusion. Adding that an unconventional object could have flown at high speed and low altitude over a densely-populated area on a fine summer morning without anyone else having reported it.

And the second sighting, the one with five additional witnesses to the second sighting? Well they claimed that this report was heavily influenced by the first report and that this was probably a normal aircraft and only appeared unusual because it had been spotted “Manoeuvring at extreme visual range.”

Doesn't display much faith in their military officers, does it?

The CIA & The Birth Of A Conspiracy

The final report which was given to the Directorate of Scientific Intelligence in June 1951, a special guest at the meeting was the CIA's chief scientist, H. Marshall Chadwell.

It is an important fact to understand that Dr Chadwell was responsible for the US Government's policy of debunking saucer reports in an effort to remove the threat that belief in UFOs was seen to pose at the height of the Cold War stand-off. Indeed, the shadowy workings of the US government are echoed throughout the methods of the Flying Saucer Working Party. It is now known that the CIA planned to strip the UFO subject of its, “Privileged position” in the media by an, “Education programme.“ (Surely that should have read RE-education!! ) And true to form, the British happily embraced this ideology and adopted a very similar stance.

It is widely accepted that this was one of the causes of the huge conspiracy theory that has followed The Flying Saucer Working Party and its findings ever since. It can be argued that if the MOD came clean from the outset then this entire incident would be nothing more than history now. Even the terminology is explained by the US connection and reflected American influence as the acronym UFO was coined by the USAF in the early

1950's although its original inception is credited to a journalist way back in 1947. Pilot Kenneth Arnold started the modern flying saucer craze when he reported seeing several UFOs. He described them as boomerang-shaped, but also noted that they were hopping, like a saucer skipping on the water. A reporter then modified the phrase to, "Flying saucer" and so the era of the flying saucer was born.

DSI/JTIC Report No 7

The culmination of The Flying Saucer Working Party's report was unspectacularly titled, “DSI/JTIC Report No 7.” This six page document was (as we've already mentioned) classified as “Secret, Discreet.” Discreet was defined as follows:

(Discreet) “Contains classified military information of US or joint US/UK origin, which may not be passed to a third country without the permission of the US Government.” The term is now obsolete and has been replaced by the James Bond-esque, “UK/US Eyes Only.”

The report was unenthusiastic about the chances of any of these craft being extraterrestrial in origin with the report summarising that,

“When the only material available is a mass of purely subjective evidence… is impossible to give anything like scientific proof that the phenomena observed are, or are not, caused by something entirely novel, such as aircraft of extraterrestrial origin, developed by beings unknown to us on lines more advanced than anything we have thought of.”

Listing several possible causes such as astronomical or meteorological phenomena, mistaken identifications of aircraft, balloons, birds (and great many other natural objects) optical & psychological delusions and/or just plain old-fashioned deliberate, orchestrated hoaxes. It did however have some interesting thoughts on gathering conclusive proof, whether that be either confirming or debunking the theory. They stated that it would be required to,

”Organise throughout the country, or the world, continuous observation of the skies by a co-ordinated network of visual observers, equipped with photographic apparatus and supplemented by a network of radar stations and sound locators.”

However The Flying Saucer Working Party also concluded that such a project would inevitably be an,

“Expensive and singularly profitless enterprise…….We recommend very strongly that no further investigation of reported mystery aerial phenomena be undertaken, unless and until some material evidence becomes available.”

Click on image to download the complete DSI/JTIC Report No 7 (.pdf format)

Flying Saucer Working Party & The Roswell Connection

Debunkers of the Roswell theory found an unlikely ally in the final report. For what was always thought to be the, “Smoking gun” of classified documents, actually turned out to be seemingly solid evidence that nothing happened at Roswell . The report tells how a member of the USAF investigation said that the discovery of a crashed flying saucer and recovery of alien entities had since been admitted <by the original author> to be a complete fabrication.

But let's look at the reality of this, if only a handful of people in the US knew of the retrieval of a crashed UFO as is claimed, then what are the chances of the American correspondent even knowing about the (if any) facts of the case, let alone being in a position to divulge the information to a foreign power?

This evidence simply compounded the already blinkered view of the British who subscribed to the views of the US, i.e. believing that peaks of UFO sightings were merely a ripple effect being felt every time the media covered a UFO story, ultimately (they claimed) indicating the extent to which sightings may be psychological in origin, or even more dismissively, that these sightings were merely the product of Cold War paranoia.

Their report was considered by the DSI/JTIC and it was recommended that in view of its negative connotations and equally negative conclusions should be regarded as a final. It was further suggested that the working party be dissolved with immediate effect. This was agreed, bringing to an end the MOD's first UFO research project. “ OFFICIALLY ” the MOD wouldn't hold another investigation into the UFO phenomenon for over 45 years. However……

UFO Sightings Intensify From 1952

Although the Flying Saucer Working Party was dissolved in 1951 official interest in UFOs continued.

Churchill's official Scientific Advisor Lord Cherwell, who was a great rival and had a long and troubled history with Sir Henry Tizard, said he had personally seen the Secretary of State's minute and that he, “Agreed entirely with his conclusions.”

It was less than four weeks after Cherwell had sealed the fate (or so was thought) of UFO investigation in the UK that NATO was carrying out one of their biggest peacetime exercises (a simulated Soviet attack on Western Europe ). It was during this exercise that yet again, “Flying saucers” were reported by both RAF and Royal Navy personnel, inevitably setting off the relentless and much loathed media machine, this time amidst public cries for a Government inquiry.

It was about this time that the MOD obviously thought enough was enough and decided to, “Close shop.” An action which resulted in orders being sent to all RAF stations invoking the considerable powers which are available under the, “Official Secrets Act.” The ramifications of which forbade service personnel from discussing UFO sightings with members of the public or (more importantly!) the Press.

“The public attach more credence to reports by Royal Air Force personnel than to those by members of the public…….. All reports are therefore to be classified confidential and personnel are warned that they are not to communicate to anyone other than official persons any information about phenomena they have observed.”

Also, during the summer of 1952, UFOs appeared in force above Washington D.C. showing up on radar and outpacing the most advanced jet fighters of the time. In fact the implications reached the higher echelons of the Truman administration and all the way across the Atlantic to Britains government. This prompted Churchill to write the now famous memo to his Secretary of State for Air, The Lord de L'Isle and Dudley , asking,

“What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to?” Churchill asked. “What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience.” (This was one of the two incidents on record that first alerted UFOlogists to the existence of The Flying Saucer Working Party and their subsequent report).

The UFO sightings continued from 1952 right through to 1957. A series of UFO sightings involving the military, coupled with an increasing number of reports from the general public forced the MOD to rethink its policy.

In fact, by as early as 1953 the Flying Saucer Working Party's recommendation that all inquiries into UFO sightings should cease was overturned and two Air Ministry Divisions were actively involved in investigating UFO sightings. The divisions concerned were S6, a civilian secretariat division of the air staff, and DDI (Tech), a technical intelligence branch of the Air Ministry. Their brief was to research and investigate the UFO phenomenon looking for evidence of any threat to the UK .

So, it would seem that there are certain aspects of the final report that didn't sit very comfortably with the MOD, otherwise they wouldn't have ordered an even more secretive investigation, or would they?

Could it be that since there was an increasing number of military personnel reporting these incidents it suddenly became of higher importance? Or maybes someone in the MOD was making noises about the lack of interest shown in a subject that held (and still does) profound security implications. We may never know, but we do know that the investigation of UFO's and UFO related phenomena MOST DEFINITELY continued.

© Michael Naisbitt 2007 (

“The Flying Saucer Working Party - UK Government UFO Deception ” Article Reference Sources

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Chad (Coast To Coast) - Latest UFO Pictures - Too Good To Be True? Look & Judge for yourself!

It would seem that there is quite a bit of furore about these latest UFO pictures, the American Chronicle ran the story just two days ago (May 13th) questioning the credibility of these photos and muses,

“As you can see, the detail is quite unsurpassed for a 'UFO' picture. Clear(ish) markings underneath indicate an as yet unknown language. Some pundits have suggested that the 'letters' are some kind of Asian extraction and that the whole thing has been CGI produced (using clever computer graphics)”

Well I believed this question was answered thoroughly and accurately in our UFO-Forums back on the 9th May by one of the Forum moderators, “Area51”. But upon further investigation doubts have been raised. Firstly it has transpired that Coast To Coast uses Adobe Elements to edit their pictures and secondly not every letter has a corresponding letter in the respective alphabet, although the resemblance is still striking.

Have a look and judge for yourself…..

To view further photos and to read the evidence collected, visit here. And while you're there why not sign up to our UFO Forums and I'm sure you'll find some interesting information there and we'd love to hear your opinions.

UFO - Too Good To Be True?

To view further photographs and to get the full story, visit here.

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Interstellar Intercourse - The Abduction Of Antonio Villas Boas

Now although there were indeed several claims of alien abduction before the Antonio Villas Boas claim in 1957, very few had received any attention at all, yet alone from the media. That all changed with Antonio Villas Boas.

Born in 1934, Boas was a Brazilian farmer, and as is the norm for farmers in countries as hot as Brazil, much of the work in the fields was done during the night due to the intense heat during the day.

Although the actual abduction occurred on the 15th, Boas' strange encounters began up to ten days earlier. Reportedly, just after 11 PM on October 5th Boas spotted a bright white light in the sky as he opened the shutters and window to get some air. Then later on in the same night Boas checked again and the light was still there, much to the disbelief of Boas, the light seemed to drift slowly towards him as he watched it from his bedroom window. Terrified Boas slammed the shutters on the window and in doing so woke his brother and then they both watched incredulously as the light played through the gaps in the shutters lighting up the room.

Then a couple of day before the abduction (October 14th) around 9-10 PM, Boas again with his brother, were out tilling the fields, when they both witnessed an extremely bright light a little over three hundred feet above their heads. Upon seeing the light Antonio started out to further investigate the phenomenon, but as he approached the UFO it would suddenly shoot off at an incredible speed to the other end of the field, then again upon Boas' approach the UFO would shoot off. After repeating this over twenty times, Antonio eventually returned to his brother.

Antonio Villas Boas said,
"The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elsewhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again."

It was on October 15th 1957 as Boas was ploughing fields when he saw what he would later describe as a kind of, “Red Star” floating in the darkened sky. Boas goes on to say as the object approached him, it was gradually increasing in size until it's shape became recognizable as a circular/egg shaped UFO. The red light he had seen appeared to be on the front of the UFO, The UFO then preceded to land in the same field, extending three <classic> legs as it did (in a tripod fashion). Not unsurprisingly it was at this point that Boas took to his heels and fled the scene.

He immediately jumped on his tractor and started to leave, but after travelling only a short distance the tractor engine & lights gradually died, at this point, fearing for his life, Boas decided to make a break for it on foot. It was at this point that Boas claims he was accosted by an other-worldly being.

“All of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped grey material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a grey material that looked stiffer and was strengthened back at nose level. Their helmets hide everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the lenses in ordinary glasses. Through them, the men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had light-coloured eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes, those helmets looked so tall that they corresponded to what the double of the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there sprouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can't tell whether they were made of metal or of rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes, which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back.”

Boas describes this alien as approximately five foot and was humanoid in appearance. The alien was wearing grey overalls and a futuristic helmet, he goes on to say that the alien had small, blue eyes and instead of speech as we know it, the alien made a series of noises not dissimilar to barks and yelps.

The alien was soon accompanied by a further three aliens who physically subdued Boas before manhandling him onto their UFO. Boas also describes the other aliens as wearing the same attire which he surmised to be some sort of uniform, but more noticeably the same size as him.

"The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all made of the same white metal. The table as well as the stools were one-legged, narrowing toward the floor where they were either fixed (such as the table) to it or linked to a moveable ring held fast by three hinges jutting out on each side and riveted to that floor (such as the stools, so that those sitting on them could turn in every direction)."

Once Boas was inside the UFO he claims he was stripped of his clothes and his body then covered in a strange gel like substance before being led into a half crescent shaped room through a doorway with unknown red symbols adorning it. Once in this room the aliens took samples of Boas' blood from his chin, before leaving him alone. While he was alone in this room some type of gas was pumped into the room which made Boas extremely ill at which point he vomited.

Now this is where the story takes something of an unexpected twist for shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was noticeably female, very attractive, and very naked. She appeared similar to the other aliens with blue cat-like eyes and platinum blonde hair, except for the pubic regions which were covered in bright red hair which Boas described as not far from the colour of blood. It is also worth noting that the pubic hair wasn't mentioned in the earlier accounts but was added later, perhaps as an after-thought?

Boas also thought that the gel which was earlier smeared on him was in fact some sort of sexual stimulant (perhaps similar to what we now know as Viagra?) as he became <for the first time in his life> uncontrollably sexually aroused and in fact had sexual intercourse twice with the alien.

“Her body was much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before. It was slim, and her breasts stood up high and well-separated. Her waistline was thin, her belly flat, her hips well-developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Her fingers and nails were normal.”

Boas said he was incredibly sexually attracted to the female alien and almost immediately had sexual intercourse with her. However there was no kissing involved (Boas claims the alien would not kiss him) but instead the female gently bit/nipped Boas' chin.

"But before leaving, she pointed to her belly, and smilingly (as well as she could smile) pointed to the sky—southward, I should say. Then she went away. I interpreted the signs as meaning to say that she intended to return and take me with her to wherever it was she lived."

Boas never saw the woman again, but he discovered there was another room on the craft where she stayed. The door was slightly ajar and he heard noises coming from that direction. After Boas clothing was returned he was then given a tour of the UFO. It was at this point he tried to pinch a, “Clock-like device” as testament to his encounter, but claims he was caught and made to return the item.

He was then escorted off the UFO, Boas recalls that,
“The ladder retracted, the ship rose, the tripod landing struts retracted once again, so smoothly that once in place no sign of the opening through which they had emerged was visible.”

Boas remembers watching as it rose to the heavens whilst glowing brightly and stopped a little over a hundred feet above his head,

"The machine began to lift slowly straight up. At the same time the three legs of the tripod began to lift sideways so that the lower part of each (which tapered, was round, and ended in a broader foot) began to fit, or telescope, into the upper part (which was thicker and square). When this was over, the top contrivance entered the bottom of the machine. Finally nothing was to be seen of the legs, and the bottom looked as smooth and polished as if that tripod had never been there at all in the first place. I couldn't see any sign of where the legs had disappeared. These people really knew their business. The buzz formed by the dislocation of air grew louder, and the revolving saucer began to rotate at a terrific speed, while the light turned to many shades of colour, finally settling on a bright red. As this happened the machine abruptly changed direction by turning unexpectedly and producing a larger noise, when this was over, the strange airship darted of suddenly like a bullet southward, holding itself slightly askew, at such a heady speed that it disappeared from sight in a few seconds."

Upon his return to his tractor he noted that a little over four hours had passed, also the tractors engine wire was disconnected from the battery, leading Boas to muse that his alien captors had premeditated his trying to escape as well as showing a fundamental knowledge of how the tractor worked.

Now this outlandish account doesn't end there, if it did it may have been consigned to the annals of folklore many moons ago, but it is the events after the alleged abduction which lends more than a hint of credence to the Boas story. For in the weeks immediately after the abduction, Boas started suffering from prolonged bouts of nausea, weakness, headaches and after any kind of slight knock instead of the normal bruising, lesions would instead appear on Boas' skin.

Now cue a journalist named Jose Martins who had placed an advert in newspapers searching for people who had any sort of UFO experience/s. After initial contact with Boas, Jose Martins contacted a Dr. Olavo Fontes from Brazils National School Of Medicine who in turn ran extensive tests on Antonio Villas Boas and surprisingly found that Boas had at some point in the recent past been exposed to a large dose of radiation. And in turn concluded that Boas was subsequently suffering from a mild form of radiation sickness/poisoning.

Unlike many subsequent abductions, Boas was able to recall every detail of his purported experience WITHOUT the need for hypnotic regression.

Another feature that lends an air of credence to the Antonio Villas Boas story is that he never attempted to make a penny from any of his claims, he in fact shied away from talking about it and was obviously embarrassed about the sexual elements contained within his story. He in fact withdrew from public life (along with his wife) to continue his studies, he received a law degree and became a practising attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas. He also had four children.

Antonio Villas Boas died in 1992 the city of Ubera, in Brazil's Triangulo Minero, and stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life.

A couple of points, if you take the Boas story as fact, then:

  • The blood which was taken up to 45 minutes before the encounter with the female alien could have been for a variety of purposes. It may have been to catalogue the encounter, storing DNA etc. It may have been in case at some point in the future the unborn baby may have needed it, much like we do now. Or it could simply have been to screen Boas to make sure he wasn't diseased in any way.

  • You may assume the gas which induced vomiting was intended to fumigate the room that Boas was in, a sort of disinfectant if you like. Although one could also assume that the gas was to make it possible for the female alien to be able to breathe without the use of a helmet, which the other aliens never removed.

  • This leads to an anomaly as it would seem that this is one of the few abduction accounts where once on the UFO the aliens still never removed their suits/helmets. Also in similar abduction accounts the aliens seem perfectly capable of breathing in our atmosphere.

  • Also you can safely assume that it was the female alien who initially grabbed Boas before the other three forcibly took Boas onto the UFO. I believe you can draw this conclusion because of the height differences that Boas noticed between the female alien and the other three who remained suited.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

UK UFO Pilot Sightings Update & Watch Video Of Interview With The Pilot

Well, surprise, surprise the story of two separate UK airline pilots sighting multiple UFO's has conflicting reports and the story is only a few days old!!

The Guernsey Star originally reported that there was NO radar signal and even quoted the air traffic controller as saying, “If the object was stationary, our equipment would not have picked it up because the radar would have screened it out.”

The term RADAR was coined in 1941 as an acronym for
Radio Detection and Ranging.

Radar is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of both moving and fixed objects such as aircraft, ships, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain, so if the UFO wasn't moving the signature surely would still be visible. And as for the radar equipment, “Screening it out” I find it impossible to believe that air traffic control radar equipment would screen out possible adverse weather conditions as well as possible collision detection with the objects in question which were reportedly up to a mile long! !

Radar works in principle by a transmitter which emits radio waves, which are then reflected by the target and detected by a receiver, typically in the same location as the transmitter. Although the radio signal returned is usually very weak, radio signals can easily be amplified, thus enabling radar to detect objects at ranges where other emissions, such as sound or visible light, would be too weak to detect.

It's only been a few months since the sighting at the O'Hare airport caused quite a stir as it was originally denied by the F.A.A. despite being seen by several independent witnesses including a lot of the nervous airport staff. As the O'Hare UFO shot into the sky it actually displaced heavy cloud cover by creating a hole in the cloud which took quite some time to close back up.

This case is already becoming bigger than this sighting as it transpires that nearly all of the passengers on the flights also seen the UFO. So that's two experienced airline pilots and most of their civilian passengers.

I have also included an interview which the pilot gave in which he says he was quite scared by the experience as well as stating that he has been told that the objects DEFINITELY showed up on radar. The fact that the UFOs could be seen from approximately 40 miles away gives some indication as to the colossal size of the crafts which the pilot still maintains could easily be over a mile in length.

(Original Source,

Even former investigator of UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope has said, "While no witnesses are infallible, pilots are trained observers and less likely than most people to misidentify something mundane.”

Also, on The Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe) Forums a brand new member signed up and instantly posted a very poor, obviously photoshopped image of a hazy nondescript object which looked nothing like the pilots reports, and also due to the location of the actual sighting was (in my opinion) an impossibility that it was the UFO in question!! The poster claimed it was floating around various emails and whether the poster was just genuinely misinformed, a glory seeker or part of a, “Greater conspiracy” is presently unknown.

And on the back of all of this confusion the current spokesperson for the UK Ministry of Defence said that they would not be investigating this incident adding that while it does monitor air space for any unusual foreign objects which might pose a threat, they would not be carrying out an investigation in this instance?!!?

British military air space starts 40 miles north of Guernsey and French military air space starts 20 miles west of Guernsey and occupies an area of approximately 150 square miles.

So two UFO's which are possibly over one mile in length are reported by two reliable airline pilots and are corroborated by multiple witnesses, then couple this with the fact that they are on the borders of TWO secure no-fly testing areas and the Ministry Of Defence WILL NOT BE INVESTIGATING.

The implications are truly staggering.

  • Do they already know something?
  • Will they be investigating privately?
  • Do they not want to know?
  • Does anybody anywhere care??

Another well documented case involving a civilian flight happened back in 1978 in Australia , on Saturday October 21, 1978, a 20 year old Australian pilot, Frederick Valentich, took off from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne .

He later contacted air traffic control stating that he had sighted a UFO. As he became increasingly panicked at the proximity of the UFO all communication was lost.

FrederickValentich was never seen or heard from again!!

This has became one of the most puzzling and disturbing cases in the history of Ufology. To this day, the Valentich disappearance remains as puzzling now as it was over 25 years ago.

Bearing this in mind it would appear that the UK Ministry Of Defence are displaying negligence of an almost criminal nature. If this UFO sighting doesn't warrant a full investigation, then what on earth (pun intended) does?!?

Could this be the beginning of, “Full Disclosure?”

These revelations come on the back of a discovery that there is another close (close in cosmic terms) planet which is capable of supporting life, as well as the French releasing their UFO files to the public via the internet (which crashed their servers for the first couple of days such was the public interest).

Also just recently we have also learned that the very same Ministry Of Defence which will not be investigating this case have decided to release 24 UFO files which contain some 7,000 reports plus analysis and correspondence. The archive also contains all 3,000 UFO reports received by MoD between 1987 and 1997. But due to the size of the task in hand it may take quite some time before they are available online.

But hey, it's already been nearly ten years since they decided to release them and it's already been a rollercoaster ride. What with the files been recovered from a basement laden with asbestos and which were previously thought to be unrecoverable and at a reported cost of around £3 million of public funds it seems that the government is definitely gearing up for something.

It would also appear that the logic, flawed thinking and clandestine inner workings of the, “People in the know” could prove to be a bigger mystery than the UFO phenomenon itself!!

Who knows, fingers crossed we may yet see full disclosure in our lifetime………….