Monday, 9 April 2007

Short UFO Documentary - The Gulf Breeze, Florida UFOs

According to Edward Walters (a local building contractor), the sightings began on November 11, 1987. He was working late that night when his attention was drawn to a light coming from his yard.

As he went to the window to get a better vantage point, he saw a glowing object partially obscured by a 30 foot tall pine tree in his front yard. Racing outside to get a clearer view of the object, he was taken back by the sight before him. He was staring at an object with the shape of a top.

Ed would receive support from the UFO organization MUFON. They heard of Ed's account, and launched an investigation into the Gulf Breeze Sightings. After an initial look into Ed's evidence, MUFON was convinced that he was telling the truth, and his photos were genuine. Walter Andrus, state director for the Mutual UFO Network, studied the case for three years. His conclusions were:

"The overwhelming evidence is in. Gulf Breeze is indeed one of the most incredible cases in modern UFO history."

MUFON also provided Walters with special photographic equipment in the hope of ruling out any type of camera trickery. One of the items was a special camera with several lenses, which was sealed with wax to eliminate film tampering. Walters managed to capture the UFO’s again with the tamper-proof camera.

Short UFO Documentary - The Gulf Breeze, Florida UFOs
Short UFO Documentary - The Gulf Breeze, Florida UFOs

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