Friday, 30 March 2007

Yet More Proof Of Nazi UFO's?

The following video is a short follow up to our Nazi UFO video.

It apparently offers yet more proof that Nazi's again were flying home made UFO's BEFORE the start of the 1950's. This is courtesy of a typesetter and an out of print book

It's only 3 or 4 minutes long, so a lot more viewer friendly too……………

Watch,Video Clip "Yet More Proof Of Nazi UFO's?"
Yet More Proof Of Nazi UFO's?


hessdalenufo said...

I am convinced that the UFO phenomenon is entirely man-made. However, I'm not sure when it comes to the alleged Haunebu and VRIL projects. Currently, there is a lack of documentation. But the fact that the Germans built jet-powered "suction saucers" is beyond any doubt. This theme I have also written extensively about in my blog:

Sinisha Marinkovic said...

How can u be convinced ? Looking at those cave paintings of UFOs SEVERAL 1000 years ago ,I'm convinced that its not man made. ..