Thursday, 29 March 2007

Watch UFO Secrets Of The Third Reich (Documentary)

Watch UFO Secrets Of The Third Reich (Documentary)

The first of a couple of videos that appear to offer proof that Germany had built operational UFO's before the end of the 1940's!!

"In 1944, a newspaper reported a new Nazi secret fireball weapon. This video documents the German involvement with flying saucer projects in the 1940's. This is a German made film. Details on Victor Shauberger, the Thule Society, and the Black Sun are discussed. The difference between implosion and explosion is reviewed. Plans and paperwork are shown on the video which, detail the Nazi Flying Saucer projects. These are copies of actual diagrams and plans from the early 1940's. This information fits in perfectly with what William Lyne claims in his

book "Space Aliens From the Pentagon", as far as the early development of this Free Energy technology. The difference is, this film proposes the idea that Hitler was in touch with E.T.'s and experimenting with time travel and does not reveal Nikola Tesla as being the source of the technology and science. Diagrams of the Haunibou 1 and 2 saucers are shown. Shown are photographs of the V-7 mounted with laser guns, apparently made for Hitler's war machine. Also shown is a picture of Hitler standing next to a prototype model. The V-7 was built with 12 BMW engines and rose to 24,000 meters on the first test and 27,000 on the second test. Helium was used to power this model. The next type built was the VRIL (Also photographs of the test flights). Next was "Project Fireball", commonly called Foo Fighters by the allies. These were radio controlled and unmanned. They were developed to disrupt the power systems of the opponents aircraft. Shown is a NAZI army paper documenting the creation of 261 flying saucers including 3 Hanibou saucers and 84 VRIL's. These were all were built towards the end of WWII. The Hanibou had a diameter of 25 meters. There are picures and film footage of giant "Cigar" shaped flying saucers. These were seen mostly in the 50's and 60's. This film shows you the plans for this particular ship as well. This was called "Project Andromeda". These were motherships developed around 1944 and were 109 meters long. They were designed to carry 1 Hanibou and 3 VRIL. If you see this film, you will have no doubt at all that the governments have these.

Watch Documentary, "UFO Secrets Of The Third Reich"

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